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World’s first Toyota Land Cruiser 300 made of Lego bricks in Dubai

The Brew News Team   Fri 04 Aug 2023    

When the Toyota Land Cruiser 300 had been made available in the Middle East, the company’s flagship SUV was also made available in full-size Lego form, thanks to Al-Futtaim Toyota. With more than 440,000 Lego pieces and a weight of […]


Meet 62-year-old woman with the largest Barbie doll collection in the world

The Brew News Team   Mon 31 Jul 2023    

Generations of fans have adored the iconic doll, as evidenced by the sea of pink that flooded theaters last month when Margot Robbie’s “Barbie” debuted on screen. But there was a woman who had loved Barbie — in all her […]


Airline serves 1 piece of KFC to passengers on 12-hour flight after food goes bad

The Brew News Team   Sat 29 Jul 2023    

The British Airways cabin crew made haste when the meals on a flight from the Caribbean to London went bad; the flight attendants developed a plan B at the airport with limited alternatives and “had to wing it on this […]


Absurdly low car appears to be buried in gravel yet is fully functional

The Brew News Team   Mon 24 Jul 2023    

Typically, having enough legroom is a need when purchasing a vehicle. However, there isn’t even room for your head in this alternative. Italian auto modification company, Carmagheddon, claims to have created what it calls the “lowest car in the world.” […]


The lion that had this woman for dinner at RAK Zoo

The Brew News Team   Thu 20 Jul 2023    

It’s usually advisable to keep a safe distance from wild animals because they might be dangerous. No one would want to come face-to-face with a lion, known as the king of the jungle, for obvious reasons. You’ll be captivated by […]


RTA alerts motorists about delay on Airport Road in Dubai

The Brew News Team   Sun 16 Jul 2023    

Dubai: Residents in Dubai have been informed of an anticipated delay on the Airport Road near the exit of Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road in the direction of Sharjah from 12 a.m. on Sunday, July 16, until 6 a.m. on […]


World Cup winner Lionel Messi goes grocery shopping to local supermarket

The Brew News Team   Sat 15 Jul 2023    

Lionel Messi, the top player for Argentina’s national team, will play his first game for Inter Miami next week, marking his debut in the United States of America. Messi, who won the World Cup in Qatar the previous year, had […]


Look who is reading Tintin on the space station

The Brew News Team   Tue 11 Jul 2023    

Dubai: Famous European cartoon character Tintin has finally traveled to space, courtesy to UAE astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi. Tintin’s fictitious exploits in the early 1950s let millions of children visualize travels to space and the Moon. Al Neyadi, who is […]


Avoid getting visa, Emirates ID fines by enabling notifications on your phone

The Brew News Team   Sat 17 Jun 2023    

Dubai: Have you forgotten to renew your Emirates ID or UAE visa? The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security (ICP) informed residents and citizens of an easy way to establish reminders for document renewal in an instructive […]


Seven major speed limit changes in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other emirates

The Brew News Team   Fri 09 Jun 2023    

It’s wise to pay attention to speed limit signboards if you’re driving in the UAE because a few changes have recently been made. Studies show that lowering speed limits has a significant positive impact on road safety. Additionally, it might […]


Dubai airport announces new rule for picking up passengers starting June 8

The Brew News Team   Fri 09 Jun 2023    

Dubai: The Arrivals forecourt at Terminal 1 will only be accessible to authorized vehicles and public transportation, according to a statement from Dubai International Airport. According to the airport, this choice was made to lessen traffic. The two parking lots […]