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Dead man starts breathing when ambulance hits a pothole

Thu 18 Jan 2024    
| 2 min read

In the realm of bizarre happenings, India recently witnessed a laugh-out-loud incident that could give any sitcom a run for its money. Picture this: a man declared dead suddenly decides he’s not quite ready for the afterlife, all thanks to the ambulance which hit a mischievous pothole.

The protagonist of this real-life comedy, Darshan Singh Brar, found himself at the center of the unexpected escapade in Patiala. It all started when Darshan, facing a sudden bout of illness, was rushed to the hospital by his ever-vigilant grandson.

Now, if you thought the drama ended there, you’re in for a chuckle. En route to Nising, the ambulance, like a character in a slapstick comedy, hits a pothole, and cue the unexpected twist! Brar, who was supposed to be making a grand exit, suddenly decides he’s not quite done with the mortal coil.

Imagine the sheer disbelief on his grandson’s face when he witnesses movement from the supposedly lifeless body. It’s like a scene straight out of a Bollywood comedy, with a touch of divine intervention, or in this case, road intervention.

Upon this miraculous discovery, the ambulance promptly makes a U-turn, probably with its own set of animated tire screeches, and heads straight to the nearest hospital. As it turns out, Brar’s heart is still very much in the game, proving that sometimes all you need for a comeback is a well-timed pothole.

Currently, our accidental protagonist is enjoying a new lease on life in the intensive care unit. Who knew a simple road imperfection could play the role of a comedic hero, saving the day and delivering laughter in the unlikeliest of situations? They say life is stranger than fiction, but in this case, it’s downright hilarious.

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