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Learn all about being eco-conscious in the Holy Month of Ramadan

The Brew News Team   Fri 07 Apr 2023    

World: The month of Ramadan is our golden opportunity to consider making a shift towards a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly lifestyle.  During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims worldwide devote their time to fast, reflecting and practising self-discipline as a […]


Islamic values can be an integral source for sustainable development

Brew Admin   Sat 22 Jan 2022    

DUBAI: Islam’s rich heritage and values, including the importance of education and the value of building a just society, are key to inspiring the region to develop a sustainable, equitable and thriving society, as per panellists. Exploring key questions of gender […]


Viral Video: Socially distanced robots serve holy water in Mecca ahead Of Hajj

Brew Admin   Fri 18 Jun 2021    

Saudi Arabia (Mecca)- Due to the coronavirus outbreak, robots began handing out bottles of precious water in Mecca this week in anticipation for a socially separated Hajj pilgrimage in Islam’s holiest city. Saudi Arabia declared on Saturday that 60,000 residents […]


Dubai flies in first Pfizer vaccine batch, kicks off ‘free of charge’ campaign

Brew Admin   Wed 23 Dec 2020    

Dubai received its first shipment of the Pfizer-Biontech vaccine against coronavirus early Wednesday, authorised by the Ministry of Health and Prevention for “extensive and free-of-charge” inoculations. The decision comes in response to a request by Pfizer to approve its emergency […]


Tens of thousands in Bangladesh take to streets to call for France boycotts

Brew Admin   Tue 03 Nov 2020    

Streets thronged with thousands in the Bangladesh capital of Dhaka on Monday decrying French President Emmanuel Macron, for his defense of the criticism of Islam as a right to freedom of speech.  The demonstrators called for a boycott of French products and made attempts […]


Saudi opens borders to foreign pilgrimage, 10,000 fly in to perform Umrah

Brew Admin   Sun 01 Nov 2020    

Around 10,000 international pilgrims arrived in Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah, after a hiatus of seven months, after the Islamic pilgrimage was halted due to the rising number of coronavirus cases in the Kingdom and worldwide. According to Deputy Minister of […]


Against the tide // What should Muslims do about insults to Prophet?

Mohd Asim   Sun 01 Nov 2020    

Terror attacks in France have sent shock waves across the world. That young men seething in rage over their “hurt sentiments” can go about beheading people in public places is an unimaginable act in any civilised society. And over what? […]


Three killed in grisly knife attack in Nice, France

Brew Admin   Thu 29 Oct 2020    

An attacker armed with a knife killed three people at a church Thursday in the Mediterranean city of Nice, authorities said. It was the third attack in two months in France. The assailant was wounded by police and hospitalised after […]


Powerful blast rips through Pak school, eight dead, 136 wounded with death toll on rise

Brew Admin   Tue 27 Oct 2020    

A powerful bomb blast ripped through an Islamic seminary on the outskirts of the northwest Pakistani city of Peshawar on Tuesday morning, killing at least eight students and wounding 136 others, police and a hospital spokesman said. The bombing happened […]


Erdogan calls for boycotts on French goods, EU support, to protest France’s ‘anti-religion’ agenda

Brew Admin   Mon 26 Oct 2020    

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan called on Monday for Turks to boycott French goods and urged European Union leaders to halt French leader Emmanuel Macron’s “anti-Islam” agenda. For a third day running Erdogan said that the French president needed a mental […]


Pak PM warns Facebook of ‘hate against Islam’, calls for ban on Islamophobic content

Brew Admin   Mon 26 Oct 2020    

Pakistan’s prime minister has written a letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg seeking a ban on Islamophobic content on the site, warning of an increase in radicalisation amongst Muslims, the government said on Sunday. In the letter, shared by the […]