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A Slice of Paradise in Morocco: Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort

Babar Siddiqui   Sat 28 Oct 2023    

“Travelling – it gives you a home in a thousand strange places, then leaves you a stranger in your own land”, thus spoke Ibn Batuta, renowned traveller and friend of the old world. And when you visit a place like […]


Internet Safety Tips to Protect Students Online

Guest View   Thu 26 Oct 2023    

Dubai: Students today are surrounded by technology, from the phones in their pockets to the laptops they use at school. While the internet is a valuable tool for kids of all ages when it comes to communication and learning, it’s […]


Proper visualization a must for an enhanced memory

Minoo Jokhi   Wed 25 Oct 2023    

Does visualization help to enhance your memory? (Part 2) Continuing from part 1 of Visualization Article, Visualization is recreating all the images, sounds as well as feelings in your mind surrounding some activity in order to practice in a proper […]


Achieving sustainable farming and water conservation in arid regions through integrated solutions

Guest View   Fri 20 Oct 2023    

In the challenging backdrop of arid terrains, where water is a coveted resource, sustainable agriculture is often an elusive dream. However, it isn’t until you perceive the existing challenges as gateways for innovation and change that you find answers. By […]


Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Husbands and Couples: When a Spouse has Cancer

Guest View   Wed 11 Oct 2023    

Dubai: Hearing your partner has been diagnosed with cancer is like having the rug pulled out from under you. It’s a seismic shock that leaves you grappling with an overwhelming sense of uncertainty. Although you might not feel entitled to […]


Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Home Exercises for Breast Cancer Survivors – A Path to Healing and Strength

Guest View   Mon 09 Oct 2023    

Dubai: Any form of cancer challenges everything we know, from our mental to our physical and emotional well-being. We suddenly come face-to-face with our own mortality and then are forced to take action, like chemotherapy, that makes the quality of […]


Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Psychological First Aid and Self-Care (Coping and Living with Cancer)

Guest View   Mon 09 Oct 2023    

Dubai: Living with cancer can understandably have a significant psychological and emotional impact. There may be anxiety related to heightened awareness of uncertainty about the future, and low mood – often presenting itself as persistent sadness, loss of interest, and […]


Barbie: A story told in pink-coloured plastic glamour

Mariyam Shajil   Sat 23 Sep 2023    

Suitability for kids: Ages 12 and above Barbie is a 2023 American fantasy comedy directed by Greta Gerwig and is based on Mattel’s Barbie fashion dolls. This is also the first live action Barbie film to be made. Feminism and […]


Does visualization help to enhance your memory?

Minoo Jokhi   Wed 06 Sep 2023    

Renowned Author James Goi Jr. correctly said, “Visualization is the act of willfully forming mental images. To affect material reality using visualization, form images for your subconscious mind to use as patterns to work from.” Indeed, visualization is a very […]


How businesses are preparing for the Corporate Tax: Potential Changes and the steps

Guest View   Thu 24 Aug 2023    

Dubai: The UAE Corporate Tax (CT) regime was first announced by the Ministry of Finance on 31 January 2022, with a planned introduction date of 1 June 2023. As the first direct tax to be levied in the country, businesses […]


Does the world need AI Psychologists?

The Brew News Team   Mon 21 Aug 2023    

Intersection of AI Hallucinations and Human Perception by Greg Fantham, Assistant Professor at Heriot-Watt University Dubai The term ‘AI hallucinations’ typically encompasses a variety of ways in which Artificial Intelligence systems generate distortions of reality. These can vary from the […]