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Namita’s Natter // Will Covid-19 dim the sparkle of India’s festival of lights?

Brew Admin   Sun 08 Nov 2020    

Diwali is a time of celebration, of merrymaking and of giving thanks. But the dark shadow of 2020 looms over this happy time. We all know that Diwali 2020 will be vastly different from all the other Diwalis we’ve celebrated […]


Sunday Schmooze // Connery, the man who also played Bond

Sushmita Bose   Sun 01 Nov 2020    

When virtuoso thespian Sean Connery passed away on the last day of October in the year that changed our lives, I came across (what I considered were) some rather disturbing headlines in the news media. They seemed to be hinged […]


Against the tide // What should Muslims do about insults to Prophet?

Mohd Asim   Sun 01 Nov 2020    

Terror attacks in France have sent shock waves across the world. That young men seething in rage over their “hurt sentiments” can go about beheading people in public places is an unimaginable act in any civilised society. And over what? […]


Namita’s Natter // 6 instances to show that the Internet isn’t too bad after all

Brew Admin   Sun 01 Nov 2020    

The internet is not usually a pleasant space. Every time we post an opinion, a political take or God forbid a religious sentiment, we are bombarded with vitriolic hate. People, who hide behind a cloak of anonymity given to them […]


Sunday Schmooze // When Donald Trump-ed it by calling India filthy

Sushmita Bose   Sun 25 Oct 2020    

While social media may not necessarily be such a bad thing with its penchant to be on top of news (in my effort to peer into a glass that is half full, I am being generous and discounting the substantial […]


Sunday Schmooze // When going for gold has no silver lining

Sushmita Bose   Sun 18 Oct 2020    

In the 1990s, when I graduated and was contemplating career choices, I had two options I could explore armed with an English Honours degree: advertising and journalism. Both were (allegedly) meant for those with a flair for writing, and I […]


Against the Tide // Tanishq Ad row: India needs a brand like Nike that’ll ‘Just Do It’

Mohd Asim   Sun 18 Oct 2020    

The controversy over an advertisement by Indian jewellery brand Tanishq shows us how broken we are. Tanishq put out an advertisement that promotes religious, cultural harmony and all hell broke loose in the troll republic. How dare Tanishq show anything […]


Namita’s Natter // Cut the Bullschitt and watch Schitt’s Creek NOW if you haven’t already

Brew Admin   Sun 18 Oct 2020    

Spoiler Alert! It started off as a simple, sweet sitcom with a questionable name and a slightly amusing cast. But now it seems to be the show that everyone is binge-watching, one that is creeping into dinner table conversations and […]


Heels on wheels // Spooked Out in Scotland

Ipsita Barua   Thu 15 Oct 2020    

“I want to get scared, really scared without the antics”, this is what I told the discerning tourist officer at the Edinburgh Tourist Information Centre.  In a flash, she pulled out the Mercat Ghost Tours flyer with a self-proclaimed ‘5-star […]


Namita’s Natter // 10 new-age ‘desi brides’ who are the inspiration every girl needs

Brew Admin   Mon 12 Oct 2020    

The past few months have been a nightmare for Indian women. A 6-year-old child, Ziva Dhoni, was at the receiving end of vicious rape threats because her father, MS Dhoni, lost a cricket match. Actor Anushka Sharma was also trolled […]


Against the Tide // What Indians & Pakistanis in UAE must send home apart from petro dollars

Mohd Asim   Sun 11 Oct 2020    

There is something much more precious than petro dollars that Indians and Pakistanis living in UAE can send back home. It’s tolerance. The two nationalities form the biggest chunk of population in the Emirates. They enjoy the fruit of multi-culturalism […]