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Chennai expat in Kuwait makes it to the Finals of Mrs India Empress 2024

Mon 17 Jun 2024    
The Brew News Team | < 1 min read

Kuwait City: Kuwait-based Mrs. Chitra Ramaswamy, an Indian expatriate, has achieved a significant milestone by advancing to the finals of the prestigious Mrs. India Empress of the Nation 2024 Diva Pageant. Hailing originally from Chennai, India, Mrs. Ramaswamy embarked on her career as an educator at the India International School in Kuwait, where she has undoubtedly made a lasting impact.

The culmination of this exciting journey will take place at the grand finale hosted in Pune, India, scheduled for June 3. This event promises to be a celebration of beauty, talent, and cultural diversity, drawing participants and spectators from across the nation.

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Mrs. Ramaswamy’s journey to the finals underscores her versatility and passion for the arts. Recently, she graced the runway at the prestigious Pune Times Fashion Week in April 2024, showcasing her modeling prowess and adding another feather to her cap of achievements.

Her participation in these esteemed events not only highlights her personal accomplishments but also serves as an inspiration to many aspiring individuals in both the academic and fashion realms. Mrs. Chitra Ramaswamy continues to exemplify grace, determination, and cultural pride as she prepares to represent Chennai on the national stage.

You can vote for her on the Mrs. India Empress of the Nation 2024 Diva Pageant website.

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