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China is drilling a 10,000-meter-deep hole into Earth’s crust

The Brew News Team   Fri 02 Jun 2023    

As the second-largest economy in the world explores new frontiers above and below the planet’s surface, Chinese scientists have started drilling a 10,000-meter (32,808 foot) hole into the Earth’s crust. According to the official Xinhua News Agency, drilling for what […]


Indonesia rejects U.S. navy’s ‘Poseidon’, no leave to land, re-fuel on its grounds

Brew Admin   Tue 20 Oct 2020    

Indonesia rejected this year a proposal by the United States to allow its P-8 Poseidon maritime surveillance planes to land and refuel there, according to four senior Indonesian officials familiar with the matter. U.S. officials made multiple “high-level” approaches in […]


Rising allegations against China, ‘Xinjiang-style’ programs forced on Tibetan workers

Brew Admin   Wed 23 Sep 2020    

China is forcing Tibetan farmers and herders into labour programmes similar to those used in troubled Xinjiang, a US research institute alleged Tuesday. The moves risk a “loss of cultural heritage” in the politically sensitive region, the group’s report warned. […]


China releases Xinjiang report, nearly 1.3m Uighurs given ‘training’ every year

Brew Admin   Fri 18 Sep 2020    

China, on Thursday, released a State Council white paper claiming that its far western Xinjiang region – that is currently under international fire and scrutiny – has provided ‘vocational training’ to nearly 1.3 million workers every year, between 2014 to […]