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Horrific pro-Trump ‘coup’ at US Capitol spurs Twitter, FB to freeze POTUS speech

Brew Admin   Thu 07 Jan 2021    

Social media giants rose as one Wednesday to collectively bar U.S President Donald Trump’s incendiary speech on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in the wake of the armed ‘supporter’ riots that stunned the country as lawmakers moved ahead to affirm President-elect […]


This claim is disputed: Trump says “we’re winning” at first post-election rally

Brew Admin   Sun 06 Dec 2020    

President Donald Trump made clear Saturday he had no intention of relinquishing his baseless claims that last month’s election was stolen from him, telling a raucous crowd at his first post-poll rally he would somehow still win. In a speech […]


Harris leads record wave of women in Office on-course to make history

Brew Admin   Sun 15 Nov 2020    

With Kamala Harris poised to become the first female vice president of the United States, and with a record number of women elected to Congress — including more Republicans than ever — considerable history will be made when they all […]


‘War Room’ Bannon shunned by Twitter, FB for violent rant against Fauci and FBI

Brew Admin   Mon 09 Nov 2020    

Twitter last week banned the account of the former Donald Trump adviser and surrogate Steve Bannon after he called for the beheading of Dr Anthony Fauci and the FBI director, Christopher Wray, and the posting of their heads outside the […]


Election Day 2020: Trump, Biden make their final stand in race to campaign end

Brew Admin   Tue 03 Nov 2020    

The final countdown has begun, and Donald Trump — on a spree through key swing states — is chasing his Democratic rival Joe Biden, still leading in the polls.  The 74-year-old Republican billionaire, seemingly recovered his bout with Covid-19, is […]


Controversial ACB sworn in as new SCOTUS Justice in landslide GOP vote shunned by Dems

Brew Admin   Tue 27 Oct 2020    

Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed to the Supreme Court late Monday by a deeply divided Senate, with Republicans overpowering Democrats to install President Donald Trump’s nominee days before the election and secure a likely conservative court majority for years to come. […]


Cruel, divisive, and racist: Obama decries Trump effect, urging voters to ‘leave no doubt’ at 2020 polls

Brew Admin   Thu 22 Oct 2020    

Former President Barack Obama blasted President Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus, his culpability in national discord and his overall fitness for the job on Wednesday as he made his first in-person campaign pitch for his former vice president, Joe […]


Muted mics at Presidential Debate Two ‘in interest of the American people,’ says Commission

Brew Admin   Tue 20 Oct 2020    

President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden will have their microphones muted for parts of their final debate on Thursday to allow each U.S. presidential candidate a block of uninterrupted time to speak, according to the group sponsoring the […]


Trump lashes out against Fauci and falling polls: ‘Disaster,’ he says, ‘doesn’t make sense,’ he says

Brew Admin   Tue 20 Oct 2020    

President Donald Trump came out swinging Monday against Dr. Anthony Fauci and polls that show Trump trailing Democrat Joe Biden in key battleground states, as he tried to buck up his campaign team two weeks from Election Day. Back on […]


A wrap: SCOTUS talks, ACB blocks, Harris mocks — Dems, GOP on final stretch

Brew Admin   Sun 18 Oct 2020    

Republican zeal carried President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee — Amy Coney Barrett — closer to confirmation Thursday, pushing past Democratic objections and other priorities during the COVID-19 crisis. In the drive to seat her before the upcoming Nov. 3 elections, […]


US: Over 10 billion cast ‘early votes’ ahead of Election Day, drastic surge from 2016 turnout

Brew Admin   Wed 14 Oct 2020    

U.S. voters have cast more than 10 million votes for the Nov. 3 presidential election, significantly outpacing the early vote in 2016 and suggesting a large turnout, according to data compiled by the U.S. Elections Project. The surge in early […]