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This Day, That Year – September 16

Zoya Siddiqui   Thu 16 Sep 2021    

Lake Nyasa, which forms Malawi’s boundary with Tanzania & Mozambique, was discovered by British explorer David Livingstone on this day in 1859. Did you know that:• Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, a Hungarian physiologist who won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for discovering […]


You too could own a pair of royal glasses!

Brew Admin   Wed 15 Sep 2021    

Two pairs of 17th-century glasses that are believed to originally belonged to royals in the Mughal Empire are set to fetch millions at an auction next month. The jewel-encrusted spectacles feature lenses made from diamond and emerald rather than glass. […]


This Day, That Year – September 15

Zoya Siddiqui   Wed 15 Sep 2021    

Dame Agatha Christie, Lady Mallowan, was an English writer born on this day in 1890, known for her sixty-six detective novels and fourteen short story collections. Did you know that:• Jan Matzeliger, the inventor of the shoe-lacing machine, was born on this […]


This Day, That Year – September 14

Zoya Siddiqui   Tue 14 Sep 2021    

Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation registered “The Simpsons” television show on this day in 1993. Did you know that:• George K Anderson of Memphis, Tennessee, patented a typewriter ribbon on this day in 1886• Karl Taylor Compton was an American […]


This Day, That Year – September 13

Zoya Siddiqui   Mon 13 Sep 2021    

Roald Dahl was a British novelist, short-story writer, poet, screenwriter, and wartime fighter pilot born on this day in 1916. Did you know that:• A patent was granted to Daniel C. Stillson for the improved monkey wrench on this day […]


This Day, That Year – September 12

Zoya Siddiqui   Sun 12 Sep 2021    

Hans Zimmer is a German film score composer and record producer born on this day in 1957. Did you know that:• The first submarine was publicly tested in London on the Thames for King James I on this day in […]


This Day, That Year – September 11

Zoya Siddiqui   Sat 11 Sep 2021    

Carl Zeiss was a German scientist and optician born on this day in 1816, known for the lens manufacturing company he founded known as Carl Zeiss. Did you know that:• James Cutler patented a postal mail chute on this day in […]


This Day, That Year – September 10

Zoya Siddiqui   Fri 10 Sep 2021    

Elias Howe received a patent for a lockstitch sewing machine on this day in 1846. Did you know that:• Waldo Semon, an American inventor who invented vinyl, was born on this day in 1898• Gunpei Yokoi, a Japanese inventor and […]


The Date origin story uncovered

Brew Admin   Thu 09 Sep 2021    

ABU DHABI: Using a leaf found from the archaeological site of an ancient Egyptian temple, researchers from New York University Abu Dhabi’s (NYUAD) Centre for Genomics and Systems Biology have successfully determined the ancient hybrid origin of some date palms, […]


This Day, That Year – September 9

Zoya Siddiqui   Thu 09 Sep 2021    

On this day in 1945, Grace Hopper discovered the first “bug” in a computer program; a moth was removed with tweezers from a relay & taped into the log. Did you know that:• John Herschel took the first-ever photo captured […]


This Day, That Year – September 8

Zoya Siddiqui   Wed 08 Sep 2021    

Louis Zimmer, astronomer and clockmaker to the King of Belgium, was born on this day in 1888. Did you know that:• Richard Drew created Scotch tape on this day in 1930• Martin Freeman is an English actor born on this […]