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Phuket’s ‘sea gypsies’ swim free amid tourism collapse

Team Brew   Tue 24 Nov 2020    

The novel coronavirus has dimmed lights and lives across the world, but for Thailand’s “sea gypsies” it has been a surprise respite from the threat of mass tourism. Since the pandemic began, survival has been easier for the drifting bunch […]


Two charred men: Ancient remains unearthed at Pompeii

Team Brew   Sun 22 Nov 2020    

Archaeologists have discovered the exceptionally well-preserved remains of two men scalded to death by the volcanic eruption that destroyed the ancient Roman city of Pompeii in 79 AD, the Italian culture ministry said on Saturday. One was probably a man […]


Yemen’s ‘Manhattan of the desert’ risks collapse amid disrepairs and floods

Team Brew   Wed 04 Nov 2020    

Dubbed the “Manhattan of the desert” for its centuries-old skyscrapers, Yemen’s ancient city of Shibam escaped damage in the civil war — but faces collapse from disrepair amid rains and floods. Against a backdrop of cliffs looking like America’s Grand […]


Munich auction house slammed for sale of Hitler notes, amid ‘rise of neo-Nazism in Germany’

Team Brew   Wed 21 Oct 2020    

A prominent European Jewish organization slammed a Munich auction house’s decision to sell several of Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler’s handwritten speech notes, saying Tuesday it “defies logic, decency and humanity” to put them on the market. Rabbi Menachem Margolin, the […]


Heels on wheels // Spooked Out in Scotland

Ipsita Barua   Thu 15 Oct 2020    

“I want to get scared, really scared without the antics”, this is what I told the discerning tourist officer at the Edinburgh Tourist Information Centre.  In a flash, she pulled out the Mercat Ghost Tours flyer with a self-proclaimed ‘5-star […]