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How many horses do you see?

Team Brew   Wed 04 Jan 2023    

World: People are ranting on social media in shock over a horse optical illusion. A painting by artist Bev Doolittle named ‘Pintos’ has been taking the internet by storm, causing a heated debate over just how many horses are in the image. It seems […]


Dubai Municipality announces special artistic displays on beaches

Team Brew   Sat 17 Dec 2022    

Dubai: In a recent social media post Dubai Municipality announced something special for beachgoers to enjoy that is creative. About Dubai Municipality Dubai Municipality is one of the largest governmental institutions in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), it is considered […]


Twitter announces new look for icons

Team Brew   Sun 23 Oct 2022    

San Francisco: Twitter has announced it is introducing a new look for its icons used across the social network. The company’s “Twitter Design” account tweeted two tweets from the thread so that people could see what’s changed. In the first thread, […]


9-Year old Saudi boy carrying his sister’s school bags goes viral

Team Brew   Sun 11 Sep 2022    

Saudi Arabia: A nine-year-old boy, Mishaal bin Bandar Al-Shahrani, became a viral sensation on social media, as he was seen carrying 3 school bags of him and his two sisters Sarah and Noura in a viral picture, while returning home […]


Elon Musk finally meets his Twitter pal from India who says he is a down-to-earth person

Team Brew   Thu 25 Aug 2022    

San Francisco: Elon Musk’s Twitter buddy from Pune Pranay Pathole, who recently met him, referred to the tech billionaire as “super genuine” and “down-to-earth,” media reports say. “He is super genuine. Like, way down-to-earth. He is humble,” the 23-year-old said. […]


Strange celebrity newsfeed bug is affecting thousands of users

Team Brew   Thu 25 Aug 2022    

World: Several Facebook users across the world have reported a ‘glitch’ after noticing their news feeds were filled with odd celebrity posts recently. Instead of updates from pages they follow, many people shared screenshots of their homepage feeds crowded by […]


TikTok adds options for users to take a break from scrolling

Team Brew   Sun 12 Jun 2022    

TikTok says it will add new options to promote users to take a break from constant scrolling short-form videos on the platform. The social media platform says that it will introduce a new option in the coming weeks for users […]


70% of professionals consider a career switch due to the lack of flexibility: LinkedIn

Team Brew   Mon 23 May 2022    

DUBAI: New research by LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, has highlighted a potential impending ‘flexidus’ amongst professionals in the UAE and KSA workforce. The research surveyed 504 hiring managers and 1,006 employees in the region and found that a staggering 70% of employees have […]


This family’s pet will shock you too

Team Brew   Tue 03 May 2022    

An Australian family has made a highly feared eight-legged creature their domesticated pet. Summer Stolarcyk took to social media to display the spider residing at the Gray family home for the past year. She wrote, “Her name is Charlotte, (huntsman […]


A must watch conversation with Mahdi Shafiei, a leading content creator from UAE

Shaneer N. Siddiqui   Mon 04 Apr 2022    

While the long conversation with, Mahdi Shafiei talked about the new genre of marketing, the social media approach toward brands and society, the future of social media platforms, influencer marketing and his advice to viewers “not to watch the […]


A cloud that’s been confusing everyone

Team Brew   Sat 26 Feb 2022    

In England, some people were left scratching their heads as they looked to the skies. Residents living in North East Lincolnshire were left speechless at what they were seeing when an odd-shaped cloud loomed above them recently. Several people took […]