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Online education continues to grow in post-covid time also

Sun 13 Mar 2022    
| 2 min read

UAE: Online Education continues to be the preferred option for parents in the gulf region, says the owner of the online school Learn Academy. Wahaj Kayani who established his own online school during Covid times believes that education has changed because of Covid.

“Parents have started to realize the importance of skill-based learning and want to their kids out of the normal conventional schooling system. Other reasons they want them out is of it is extremely heavy on their pockets and also failing to meet up with the new modern ways of teaching. The same old heavy bags, the bulk of homework, extreme competitive examination environment have put both the students and their parents under stress. on the contrary to those conventional schooling systems.”

He said online education has given a lot of breathing space to parents. “They have found solace in online schools where there is no exam pressure, school timings are flexible, no transport or extra expenses, the kids are safe and sound at home, the parents are fully and completely aware of what goes on in a classroom and all in all are at mentally at ease with the environment.”

Humera Kamran, a resident of Dubai whose 8-year-old daughter continues her online school despite the normal schooling restored, has no regrets. “My experience with the online schooling system is really great. the flexible timings and non-traveling leave my kid with enough energy to involve her in other activities. I am satisfied with the online learning and will continue my daughter in it.”

Maria Ghayas, who teaches Computer at Learn Academy, often finds parents’ engagement as negative support. “The biggest disadvantage for the system is parents involvement is too much at the junior level which hinders the students’ thinking abilities and doesn’t allow them to learn independently and stops them from speaking up for themselves. . However she also believes that learning online makes children more creative. “Kids being able to be creative and at the same time be comfortable enough to practice all of the things at home in their own computers. a lot of normal physical schools don’t allow laptops in schools or provide for good enough computer labs.

“ The current era of education as we believe it is high-tech and high-touch. The idea of the new education is to humanize the interaction of students and teachers with technology and create a custom program as per the student’s needs,” said Kayani.

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