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Kuwait introduces 4 hour work schedules for select employees during Ramadan

Tue 20 Feb 2024    
| < 1 min read

Kuwait: In observance of Ramadan, Kuwait authorities have announced reduced working hours for certain employees, reflecting the government’s commitment to supporting its workforce during this sacred period.

Throughout Ramadan, female employees will enjoy four-hour workdays, with two 15-minute grace periods for added flexibility. These grace periods allow for a slight delay in arrival or early departure, facilitating participation in religious activities while maintaining work-life balance.

Similarly, male employees will experience a shortened workday of four hours and 15 minutes, along with a single 15-minute grace period in the morning. This arrangement accommodates religious obligations while ensuring professional responsibilities are met.

The decision follows a review of employees’ performance evaluations by the Civil Service Commission (CSC), aiming to uphold productivity and efficiency standards. Individual government agencies have been empowered to adjust work hours within CSC guidelines, tailoring solutions to meet specific departmental needs.

Additionally, all employees, regardless of gender, are granted a 15-minute grace period in the morning, allowing punctual staff to leave early. This supports a smoother transition between work and personal commitments during Ramadan.

Moreover, employees have the option for partial absences ranging from one to two hours, recognizing the importance of religious observance and personal well-being.

Furthermore, deserving employees will receive a job performance bonus during Ramadan as part of the fiscal year 2023-2024 budget allocation. This incentive acknowledges their dedication during this religiously significant period, underscoring the government’s commitment to employee satisfaction and welfare.

Overall, Kuwait’s measures aim to accommodate religious practices while maintaining productivity and employee well-being during Ramadan.

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