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Dubai-based YouTubers celebrate The Creed of Fire game’s launch with an Arabic theme song

Fri 11 Mar 2022    
| 3 min read

DUBAI: Garena has teamed up with two popular Dubai-based YouTube stars and artists – Anas Elshayib and Bessan Ismail to produce an Arabic soundtrack in celebration of the launch of ‘The Creed of Fire’, the campaign that underpins Free Fire’s collaboration with Assassin’s Creed®.

The 4-minute Arabic-language collaboration theme song combines the core melodies of the theme songs of both Free Fire and Assassin’s Creed into one. The ‘Creed of Fire’ aims to inspire players from both games and encourage them to believe in themselves and never to give up – both in the game and in the game of life.

Both Anas from Jordan and Bessan from Syria, have established themselves among the best content creators on YouTube across the MENA region with a talent for singing and acting. The song, which will be available on Anas’ official YouTube channel and Free Fire’s main channels, is expected to be a huge hit given Anas’ and Bessan’s following.

For Anas, his latest song ‘Khefy Aleina’ has generated more than 4.5 million views in less than two months while Bessan has performed many songs including ‘Mesaytara’ which has more than 2.5 million hits.

Anas, 19, who loves to rap and has an interest in boxing, said, “It is an honour to partner with Free Fire to sing this catchy and inspirational soundtrack for its collaboration theme song ‘Creed of Fire’. Free Fire is widely played in the MENA region and I hope this song can enhance the gaming experience and inspire them outside to achieve their best in whatever they do in the real world.”

Bessan, 18, who also enjoys playing the guitar, added, “It was really fun to perform this wonderful song alongside Anas, and am extremely thankful to Free Fire for selecting me. I can’t wait for my fans to check out this soundtrack and I encourage as many people as possible to listen to the song across the MENA region.”

Alongside the soundtrack, Free Fire has also announced players can look forward to a range of login rewards, exclusive collection items, and the release of a new game mode on a new map.

Players who log in today can receive exclusive Assassin’s Creed® x Free Fire rewards, including P90- Metal Wings Weapon skin and two Incubator Vouchers!

New mode on a new map: Lone Wolf Strike Out mode on the Sci-Truf map

The Lone Wolf Strike Out game mode on the new Sci-Turf map will be released to players come this Friday, 11 March for a limited time, so jump right in!.

The Lone Wolf Strike Out mode sees 8 players enter the game with 3 lives each. Only 4 players battle against each other at any given time. The rest of the players spectate the fight from the second floor. Eliminated players sit out the next round, while the rest of the players battle it out. Every subsequent round will see players with the most lives battle against one another. This process repeats itself until there is only 1 player left with life.

Carefully crafted Free Fire x Assassin’s Creed® collection for players to battle in style

The entire Free Fire x Assassin’s Creed® collection has been thoughtfully conceptualised and designed to integrate key elements from Assassin’s Creed® into the Free Fire universe.

The Assassin’s Creed® x Free Fire Themed Costume – Male combines Free Fire’s streetwear style with some of Assassin’s Creed® highly recognisable features, including the hood and logo.

The iconic outfit of Master Assassin Ezio Auditore will also be in Free Fire, along with Senu, a female Bonelli’s eagle who was Bayek’s loyal companion.

The Talon Dagger from Assassin’s Creed®: Odyssey is also featured among the collection that will be available in Free Fire. The dagger was inspired by the Greek goddess of wisdom and warfare, Athena, and the owl she was associated with. The Talon Dagger from the collection will sport the Assassin’s Creed® logo right at the centre of the dagger.

The Free Fire x Assassin’s Creed® collection will also include a Desert Eagle skin adorned with the iconic red and white palette from Assassin’s Creed®, shaped like an eagle, and featuring the Assassin’s Creed® logo.

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