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Cyberattacks on young gamers up by 57% in 2022

The Brew News Team   Mon 13 Mar 2023    

World: Kaspersky experts have discovered cybercriminals launched more than 7 million attacks on children exploiting popular game titles in 2022, a 57% increase compared to 2021. Kaspersky’s latest report The Dark Side of Kids’ Virtual Gaming Worlds explores the risks […]


Gamers from the UAE have to spend half of their monthly wage to purchase a gaming PC

Brew Admin   Sun 18 Dec 2022    

UAE: analysts checked the price of computer components and peripherals for PC gamers in 50 countries worldwide and calculated what proportion of the average wage citizens in these countries have to spend on a gaming PC. The perfect gaming PC […]


Worldwide gamers to compete and donate prize money towards refugee relief

Brew Admin   Wed 01 Jun 2022    

The Saudi Esports Federation is hosting the 6-weeks event under the theme ‘Gaming For Good’ this year in Saudi Arabia, bringing worldwide gamers to compete and donate their prize money to support some of the most pressing humanitarian causes in […]


Dubai-based YouTubers celebrate The Creed of Fire game’s launch with an Arabic theme song

Brew Admin   Fri 11 Mar 2022    

DUBAI: Garena has teamed up with two popular Dubai-based YouTube stars and artists – Anas Elshayib and Bessan Ismail to produce an Arabic soundtrack in celebration of the launch of ‘The Creed of Fire’, the campaign that underpins Free Fire’s […]


3D Artists are fixing the way hairstyles are seen in the gaming world

Brew Admin   Sun 09 Jan 2022    

When gamers booted up the shooter-RPG hybrid Outriders last year, only a few options for characters could possibly be considered a Black hairstyle. All of them fell under the tired tropes of minifros and dreads with the textures wrong, and […]


Gaming celebration comes to Dubai

Brew Admin   Mon 30 Aug 2021    

DUBAI: Entertainment company Waverider today announced that it has joined forces with Galaxy Racer (GXR), a Dubai-based eSports organisation, to organise the inaugural edition of POPC Live! in Dubai. To be held in March 2022, the Middle East’s biggest eSports, […]


PS5 prompts gamers to ‘confirm version’ in latest level-up

Brew Admin   Wed 23 Dec 2020    

In their latest update, PlayStation has added a feature that alerts the player if the system detects a last-gen version of a game on the PS5, offering a choice to switch to the updated version. It fixes the technical issue […]


Among Us: Slam that emergency button! We just got snuck up on…

Brew Admin   Sun 20 Dec 2020    

…with these sneaky back-to-backs! Innersloth’s online multiplayer Among Us — a breakout hit of 2020 — was launched on Nintendo Switch last week, a widely demanded offering for fans of the game who were ecstatic at the release.  The news, […]


Cyberpunk 2077 bugged down with trippy PS4, Xbox One glitches

Brew Admin   Wed 16 Dec 2020    

Despite a series of delays on the release of CD Projekt Red’s highly anticipated sci-fi RPG –Cyberpunk 2077 — gamers are aghast to unearth a host of bugs lacing the gameplay from dropped frame-rates to system crashes, even as sales […]


Facebook Gaming to empower Black content creators on platform

Brew Admin   Wed 09 Dec 2020    

Facebook Gaming announced a new initiative this week to empower the Black communities on the platform with the inclusive ‘Black Gaming Creator Program.’ The company says it plans to pour in $10 million over the next two years to empower […]


Super Nintendo World: The ‘Mario’ scape of your dreams soon to be a reality!

Brew Admin   Wed 02 Dec 2020    

The world’s first Super Nintendo World is set to open on the premises of the Osaka-based Universal Studios Japan in a delightful announcement that came directly from inside the park’s newly revealed Bowser Castle Monday. Executive producer Thomas Geraghty of Universal […]