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Amazon’s new headquarters – Helix shape structure with spiral vertical forest

Thu 04 Feb 2021    
| 2 min read

Amazon unveils proposed design for the second phase of its Arlington, Virginia headquarters. Amazon has announced the next phase of the redevelopment of its Virginia headquarters-the double spiral tower will become the most striking feature of the campus. The company said in a statement: “Amazon has announced the proposed design for the second phase of its Arlington, Virginia headquarters.” It added that construction of the site began in January last year.

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The American multinational technology company announced its plan to establish an Amazon headquarters in Virginia three years ago. At that time, the American multinational technology company said it would expand the area beyond its Seattle headquarters.

Now, plans announced and submitted to the authorities on Tuesday for approval show that the second phase of the redevelopment in Virginia will provide another 2.8 million square feet of office space.

The core of the proposal is the eye-catching Helix Tower-a glass structure that will cover the trees in the area. The 350-foot-tall tower is designed to symbolize nature and science.

The Helix’s sketch shows that green trees surround the building and three office buildings are surrounded. Helix is ​​located on a campus that will “prioritize areas for collaboration, natural lighting, and constant interaction with nature”. It will provide Amazon employees with an “alternative working environment” and provide opportunities for lush gardens and lush gardens. Working in the trees provides opportunities.

Amazon said: “This unique building is a true double helix in shape and structure. There will be two walkable landscape terrain paths that will spiral up the exterior of the building and rise in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. I found some plants while hiking.”. The company also plans to host an artist-in-residence program at The Helix. In addition to Helix, the Virginia headquarters will also distribute other sustainable buildings and office space in three 22-story buildings.

These buildings are designed as LEED Platinum-the highest sustainability certification issued by the US Green Building Council. Heating and cooling will use renewable energy. Amazon plans to provide public tours of The Helix on weekends. Other areas of the campus will also be open to the public.

Source: Amazon News