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Action, drama, and history come together to mesmerize and thrill in the Taj – Reign of Revenge; here’s why you should watch it

Wed 07 Jun 2023    
| 2 min read

Dubai: When Taj – Divided By Blood was released on ZEE5 Global in March 2023, it won over viewers with its powerful action, moving drama and spectacular cinematics. Acclaimed all over the world for transporting viewers into the heart of India’s illustrious Mughal era, the series poignantly captured the bloody power battles revolving around conflicts, turmoil, politics and deceit. With half of the second season of Taj – Reign of Revenge already out, it has kept viewers on their toes. Now viewers are rife with anticipation over how the battle for the sultanate will eventually play out in the finale. Taking off 15 years after season 1,  with season 2, director Vibhu Puri brings forth a different side to the struggle for power.

Here’s a look at five reasons why you cannot miss out on the exciting new season 2, Taj – Reign of Revenge.

Experience the rise of the rebel

In season 1, we experienced a laid-back Salim with little interest in taking over the Mughal Sultanate. However, in season 2, he takes on the role of a rebel bent on destroying his father to take over the throne. His resolution sees Taj – Reign of Revenge take viewers on a fascinating journey to experience a battle of blood and deceit.

Dharmendra’s  Shaikh Salim Chishti adds to the plot

In season 2, Dharmendra’s immaculate portrayal of Sufi saint Shaikh Salim Chishti sets the ball rolling in a more promo. With his lyrical poems, he euphemizes the tone of rage, revenge, longing, and love that rules the lives of all the characters in the series. 

Battlefield action at its finest

Packed with the finest action choreography,  Taj – Reign of Revenge makes viewers witness battlefield action in full swing. In season 2, the battles take on a special edge, with Salim’s sword craving blood and his army facing off against his father’s sophisticated army in an ugly battle for power. With enigmatic CGI and effects that spectacularly capture the magnanimity of action, the series places the viewers right in the middle of the battlefield.

Experience Mughal regality

India’s Mughal era is synonymous with opulence and regality. This is well reflected in the Taj – Reign of Revenge, where the characters don magnificent costumes and jewelry that can drop jaws. From Akbar’s majestic wardrobe to Salim’s fierce battlefield costume to Anarkali’s powerful yet mystic avatar, the series enchants one scene at a time.

New casts add to the excitement

When a dynasty’s fate is at stake, the stakeholders keep increasing, as is seen in season 2. The fight for the throne now becomes intergenerational with Salim’s sons, for the first time, emerging as strong pawns in the game. We also see a little-known powerful female character, Mehrunnisa, appear. Tacitly pulling strings from her purdah, she is a far cry from the gentle and docile Anarkali witnessed in season 1. She does not fear indulging in politics as long as it keeps her in the race to become an empress, making her the most intriguing character in season 2.

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