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Dubai Central Laboratory adopts AI-powered technology to detect ‘Legionella’ bacteria

Mon 13 May 2024    
| 2 min read

Dubai: The Dubai Central Laboratory, under the Dubai Municipality umbrella, has introduced groundbreaking artificial intelligence (AI) technology, marking a regional milestone in Legionella pulmonary bacteria detection, known for its role in causing various acute respiratory infections.

This innovative method offers unparalleled accuracy and sustainability in identifying live colonies of the bacteria. Notably, it provides examination results with precise concentrations from the specimen, boasting a remarkable 99 percent accuracy in quantifying bacterial counts. This efficiency translates into expedited workflow, attributed to reduced requirements for laboratory supplies.

Hind Mahmoud Ahmed, Director of the Dubai Central Laboratory Department, emphasized Dubai Municipality’s unwavering commitment to enhancing digital infrastructure within its laboratories. The integration of cutting-edge systems not only enhances operational efficiency but also augments the overall effectiveness of the Emirate’s health and safety framework.

This strategic initiative aligns with the Municipality’s pursuit of establishing and implementing globally recognized standards for laboratory operations and calibration certificates, thereby reinforcing public health and wellness initiatives.

Hind noted, “This revolutionary method for detecting Legionella pulmonary bacteria has earned international accreditation from the European Water Testing Network and recognition from AOAC International. Its precision and rapidity, typically delivering results within 48 hours compared to the traditional 14-day process, underscore its efficacy.”

Moreover, the Acting Director highlighted that Dubai Central Laboratory’s microbiological analysis laboratories conduct over 100,000 tests annually on various food products, environmental water samples, and consumer goods. This extensive testing regimen, conducted in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standards, ensures the safety of goods available in Dubai markets.

Furthermore, the laboratory engages in research and development endeavors to enhance its capacity for diverse microbiological examinations, ensuring readiness to address a spectrum of scenarios promptly.

Prioritizing consumer health and safety, the new technology fortifies the framework of microbiological exams, mitigating the risk of microbial contamination or disease transmission across different commodities and products.

Dubai Central Laboratory operates several specialized laboratories, including Chemical Analysis, Microbiological Analysis, Infrastructure and Construction Materials, Metrology, and Electromechanical Devices. These facilities serve various sectors, including food, health, industry, environment, governmental, and academic entities, supported by an integrated technological ecosystem comprising nearly 5,000 systems and devices.

In addition to testing services, the laboratory offers technical consultations, specialized training, and inspection and calibration services, underscoring its commitment to ensuring residents access high-quality living conditions.

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