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Brain Booster: Enhance your memory by employing the Link System

Mon 30 Jan 2023    
| 2 min read

Link System in Memory Enhancement, which is also known as the Chain Method is a system of remembering many things like lists, and events based on creating an association between the items of that list. It is always better to learn by linking rather than by memorising.

Link System is a method of memorizing lists that are based on creating an association between the items of that list. The Link Method is one of the easiest mnemonic techniques available if you do it with full belief and sincerity. As well-known editor Gwen Moran has correctly said, “If your teacher, coach, or mentor believes you can do something, you’re more likely to do it.  

An individual can use the optimum use of the Link System by making simple but relevant associations between items in a list, linking them with a vivid image containing the items.

Both Link Systems and Story Telling techniques are very simple to learn. Let us take these 10 words:

Badminton Racket, Pencil, Scissors, Goggles, Scooter, Biscuit, Shoes, Tube light, Plate, Cake.

I have mentioned 10 words, do not write them and say them in order. Let us try learning all the words by linking them in this manner:

Badminton Racket and Pencil: Close your eyes. Instead of seeing yourself playing with a racket and writing with a pencil, make a funny link between playing with a pencil and writing with a Badminton Racket.

Scissors and Goggles: Close your eyes. Instead of seeing yourself cutting with a scissor and wearing goggles, make a funny link of wearing scissors and cutting with a pair of goggles.

Before we go further; go through all 4 words:

Badminton Racket, Pencil, scissors and Goggles. Repeat. Repetition and Revision within 8 hours help.

Scooter and Biscuit: Close your eyes. Instead of seeing yourself driving a Scooter and eating a biscuit, make a funny link of eating a scooter and driving a biscuit.

This is fun; so now we have Badminton Racket, Pencil, Scissors, Goggles, Scooters and Biscuits.  Take a minute each; close your eyes and link them both ways.

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And similarly, we wear tube lights; walk and fall and walk and fall; ha-ha and have shoes which give light lastly the cake is not on the plate but instead eat the plate, not the cake. In no time we learned 10 words. Once we finish with 10 words; we can take many more new words, even sentences and paragraphs with ease. While stress and tensions come with memorising; we can learn so much with the Link System in a fun and enjoyable manner. As it is rightly said, “Enjoy the little things.”


About the writer: Minoo Jokhi is a Mathemagician cum Memory Development Trainer based in Mumbai, India. He trains people of all ages right from 4 to 80 years of age and shows them how to increase their Memory-Power and once and for all shatter the myth that memory is neither good nor bad but in reality, is trained or untrained. Readers can contact him via email at [email protected] or follow him at

Memory enhancement link system advantages Memory enhancement link system advantages

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