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Are you getting a return on your investment… into yourself?

Fri 02 Feb 2024    
Guest View | 2 min read

Dubai: In our lives, we allocate resources to various aspects—our health, homes, education, and relationships. We employ our most valuable assets: time, money, and energy. Often, we must make trade-offs; for instance, limited time might necessitate financial investments for quicker results, or limited finances may require us to channel all our energy and time into a particular endeavor. Yet, none of these assets are boundless, compelling us to make choices. Do we sacrifice sleep to complete a project? Each decision influences how we perceive our own worth and how others perceive us.

When you meet someone, without knowing, you are gauging their value. Are they a big fish? Will they help me in business? These are subtle, quick judgements. People call it a gut feeling, but it’s more nuanced than that. It’s your own personal algorithm.

In the midst of these calculations, it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture—our own happiness and well-being. Many individuals exhaust their resources without replenishing them, often only addressing the consequences when they reach the brink of physical, mental, or emotional depletion.

This is where Master Oh, a distinguished South Korean energy coach, enters the scene with his distinctive approach. He imparts wisdom on creating an “inner bank account” and guides you on making deposits into it. Our most precious resources include our physical health, our energy flow, mental clarity, and the capacity to make decisions aligned with our inner purpose and happiness.

Master Oh, a respected wellbeing expert with over three decades of experience, is now in the UAE to present his Healing and Connection seminar at the InterContinental Hotel in Abu Dhabi. This two-day event delves deep into his method, featuring four enlightening talks that lay out the fundamental principles of his philosophy. Participants will learn the art of recharging from an unlimited source and gain profound insights into their identity and life purpose. They will also acquire a toolbox of exercises to carry forward, ready to use whenever the need arises. Indeed, this seminar is a wise and invaluable investment in oneself.

Readers can reach to Master Oh through Instagram:

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