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NASA plans to test-launch a catapult into space to save time and money

Sat 16 Apr 2022    
| < 1 min read

NASA announces plans to test a catapult that can fling objects into space at 5,000miles per hour.

It works by revolving a carbon fibre arm within a steel vacuum chamber that measures 91 metres in diameter.

The system first sounds like a throwing darts in the dark, however, the satellites will actually use a small amount of propulsion to synch into their desired orbit, making it an incredibly useful alternative for the Space Agency.

Nasa has teamed up with a California-based start-up SpinLaunch to cut the cost, time, and complexity of getting in amongst the stars.

The catapult can be made using materials that are pretty widely available.

The company said, “SpinLaunch is offering a unique suborbital flight and high-speed testing service, and the recent launch agreement with Nasa marks a key inflexion point as SpinLaunch shifts focus from technology development to commercial offerings. What started as an innovative idea to make space more accessible has materialised into a technically mature and game-changing approach to launch. Through these turnkey space solutions, SpinLaunch is helping customers eliminate the cost, time, and complexity constraints currently driving space-related business models – ultimately delivering less expensive, scalable access to space.”

According to the company’s website, its first test launch occurred in October last year, at its Mexico test site.

Now, with Nasa as a partner, the start-up is set to develop a Suborbital Accelerator Launch System, with the hope of the first test flight taking place in 2025.

Source: Agencies

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