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SCRF 2024 offers 130+ captivating adventures, crafting joy for kids

Wed 24 Apr 2024    
| 2 min read

From May 1 to 12 in Sharjah Children’s Reading festival, young visitors are invited to unleash their creativity through numerous engaging activities.

Sharjah: The countdown has begun for the 15th Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival (SCRF 2024), and this year’s event promises to be the most exciting yet! With 132 activities lined up, the 12-day festival will captivate and inspire young minds with a diverse range of interactive workshops covering everything from mechanical engineering and puppetry to illustration, design, and music.

Organised by the Sharjah Book Authority from May 1 to 12 at Expo Centre Sharjah,  under the theme “Once Upon a Hero,’ the international event will be home to interactive workshops and lively discussions designed to unleash and nurture the talents of every young participant and broaden their horizons.

Create a Mechanical Sculpture

In the ‘Create a Mechanical Sculpture’ workshop during the festival’s first six days, children will delve into the elements of simple machines, such as levers, cams, and linkages, to create their playful mechanical sculptures.

Peg Dolls

In the latter half of the festival, attendees of the ‘Peg Dolls’ workshop will craft peg dolls to weave unique characters into their storytelling, fostering creativity and imagination.

3D Creative Illustrations

Participants in the ‘3D Creative Illustrations’ workshop from May 9 to 12 will reimagine ordinary objects into innovative 3D illustrations, bridging the gap between the tangible and the imagined.

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2D Paper Matchbox

The hands-on ‘2D Paper Matchbox’ workshop, scheduled between May 7 and 12, will guide participants in transforming recycled matchboxes into handcrafted diorama matchboxes using intricately drawn, cut, and glued paper.

The Art of Shadowlogy

Running from May 1 to 4, the ‘Art of Shadowlogy’ creative workshop teaches the art of shadow play, enabling young participants to craft unique art pieces using shadows cast by various objects.

Fairy Garden

Uniting art and nature, the ‘Fairy Garden’ workshop, which will be held between May 1st and 6th, will teach children how to create miniature fairy gardens in mason jars, complete with moss, plants, rocks, and fairy-tale accessories.

Layered Papercut Art

From May 5 to 8, the ‘Layered Papercut Art’ workshop will offer expertise in paper tole art, empowering young attendees to cut, shape, and assemble layered paper onto images to create three-dimensional masterpieces.

Build Your Own Electric Motor

Aspiring young engineers will have their hands full during the ‘Build Your Own Electric Motor’ workshop, which will run between May 7 and 12. The engaging STEM activity educates participants on electricity basics through a battery, a magnet, and copper wire to build an electric motor.

World Percussion

Between May 5 and 8, children will be introduced to global rhythms and musical instruments. Beginning with a body percussion warm-up, they will create musical pieces featuring instruments like the African djembe drum and Brazilian claves during the ‘World Percussion’ workshop.

For more information about the workshops, timings, and registration details, please visit the Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival 2024 website:

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