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McDonald’s UAE turns its golden arches into swings in Dubai

Wed 06 Jul 2022    
| < 1 min read

Dubai: McDonald’s advertising agency Leo Burnett Dubai has taken the fast-food chain’s iconic golden arches to turn them into swing installations.

Located in Media City, Internet City, Knowledge Park and Kite Beach, the installation aims to encourage locals to enjoy some downtime away from everyday life.

“With this creative work, we aimed to bring back the joy of childhood to UAE residents. We always strive to make feel-good moments easy for everyone, and we remain committed to making real connections with our community through upcoming projects,” said Walid Fakih, chief executive officer at McDonald’s UAE.

Designed by Studio M, the ‘Swings’ campaign uses one of the world’s most famous logos to remind everyone that playtime is a source of joy.

“One can never deny the power and authority that radiates from McDonald’s Golden Arches. The swings under the world’s most famous logo create happy moments and put smiles on people’s faces. We all have childhood memories of McDonald’s, and the swings help us recall our delightful childhood joys, both in memory and action, to create lasting moments of happiness. As we get carried away in life, we often forget the importance of play and the swings are, simply, a reminder,” added Kalpesh Patankar, the Chief Creative Officer at Leo Burnett UAE.

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All McDonald’s restaurants in the UAE are 100% locally owned and operated. All business decisions are locally made and revenues are reinvested in the local economy. Emirates Fast Food Co., the owner and operator of McDonald’s restaurants in the UAE is proud to serve the UAE some of its favourite food since 1994.

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