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79% of UAE workers who are using generative AI say it makes them more productive

Mon 05 Feb 2024    
Guest View | 2 min read

Dubai : The use of generative AI in the workplace is surging in the UAE, with 40% of workers already having implemented or experimenting with the technology, compared to just 28% of workers globally, according to Salesforce’s generative AI snapshot research titled “The Promises and Pitfalls of Generative AI at Work”.

In a potential boon for employers, 79% of UAE workers who are using generative AI claim it makes them more productive, while 74% say generative AI increases their levels of engagement at work.

However, according to the survey, businesses’ policies and training around the technology are not clearly defined, and are ambiguous at best, in the UAE and globally.

52% of UAE workers have not received or completed generative AI training, which shows room for improvement on the part of their employers. Even so, the situation among UAE employers compared favourably with their global counterparts, with nearly 7 in 10 global workers having never completed or received training on how to use generative AI safely and ethically at work.

Workers globally also noted that their employers’ generative Artificial Intelligence policies are either non-existent or are not clearly defined. In the UAE, 64% of workers say their companies do not have clearly defined policies for using generative AI at work.

Given employees’ surging use of Artificial Intelligence, the survey demonstrates that businesses should take steps to ensure that generative AI is implemented effectively, safely and ethically.

Thierry Nicault, Area Vice President and General Manager, Salesforce Middle East, said: “AI is increasingly essential to achieving efficiency and innovation in organisations across all sectors. However, to achieve their aims, companies must invest in safe, ethical, and trusted generative AI tools. It is imperative that organisations stay ahead of the curve and invest in the right technology, offer training, and implement clear policies that help to foster career growth, trust and an understanding of the ethical use of AI within their business environment. This will lead to yet greater productivity and employee satisfaction, while helping to ensure that AI investments reach their full potential.”

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Research methodology

Salesforce conducted a double-anonymous survey in partnership with YouGov October 18 – 31, 2023. It included over 14,000 full-time employees representing companies of a variety of sizes and sectors in 14 countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, the Nordics, India, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, and the United Arab Emirates. The survey took place online.

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