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From SRK to Anant Ambani, brooches are the new style statement

Sat 25 May 2024    
The Brew News Team | 3 min read

Brooches are no longer just another accessory accentuating one’s outfit on a formal occasion

Brooches are no longer just another accessory accentuating one’s outfit on a formal occasion. They are now much above its typical usage. Check out the alpha males of today — SRK and Anant Ambani flaunting their designer brooches at family functions and award nights. Earlier in the year, Oscar-winner actor Cillian Murphy (of Oppenheimer fame) nailed a gem brooch on his suit while appearing for the big awards night. In recent times, Big B Amitabh Bachchan too grabbed all eyeballs with his wardrobe sporting some wonderful brooches in interesting designs while hosting his TV game show.


Not just an accessory
Brooches now encapsulate a classy style as well as a contemplative head. These small intricate structures add an untapped dimension to one’s personality, enhancing his/her public image and reflecting the wearer’s ruminating mind. “Brooches are a versatile accessory that adds a touch of value and elegance to the outfits of a person who dons it,” opines designer Paarth Khanna of DRK Jewels, a luxe jewellery brand. For men, a well-chosen brooch can elevate the sophistication of a suit or blazer, allowing them to express their individual style subtly. Jewellery designer Archana Aggarwal explains that “brooches serve as worthy embellishments in both masculine and feminine attire, imparting grace and personal panache.”


Women’s wardrobe
Brooches go a long way in unleashing a wow appeal in womenswear. After diamonds and pearls, brooches are now a lady’s best pal. They can lift diverse getups opted for different moods and settings.
Reputed designer Neeta Lulla suggests that “women can wear a brooch on a dress, hairband or in the hair. It is routinely fitted to the sarees to hold the drape together in place. A brooch looks interesting when fixed on a sari pleat, thus holding all the pleats together and showcasing the brooch slightly to the side.”  The brooch also goes one level up when it’s worn on an androgynous suit or when it comes to coords and power dressing for women. It can also be pinned on corsages looking quite pleasing to the eye. Brooches also work well with accessories like hats, bags and belts, providing additional styling options.

Motif Magic
Fashion fundas keep altering with each passing day right from the age-old customary styles to today’s innovative avant garde vision. Unconventional cuts and motifs dominate the art of fashioning brooches in present-day design domain. “Geometric shapes, ancient designs, natural motifs like leaves or petals and abstract art-inspired pieces are lapped up by the brooch-besotted buyers,” exemplifies Aggarwal.

More modish brooches may use asymmetrical cuts, symmetrical lines or surreal designs, offering a bold and otherworldly lure. Blossoms, beasts and insects incorporate a trace of wilderness. Themed brooches, such as hearts, stars or musical notes are widely used to convey special messages or express emotive sentiments.


Bold Brooches
“Statement brooches wield immense influence as a sign of protest or social advocacy, embodying powerful messages that resonate with larger audiences, fostering a dialogue and widespread awareness,” reasons Aggarwal.

Such accessories have become increasingly popular as tools for driving consciousness about social issues. They can disseminate thought-provoking ideas through slogans, or motifs, allowing wearers to express their beliefs or back a cause without words.

Ornate Obsession
Ornamented brooches laden with precious stones stand out of the crowd with exquisite beauty. “Dazzling diamonds are known for their lustre and radiance, while rubies emit a rich red shade to signify smouldering passion. Sapphires with their deep blue hue and emeralds with their vibrant green tone are also frequently incorporated into our designs. Additionally, we use pearls punctuated with classicism and agelessness,” concludes Khanna.


(This article is published under a mutual content partnership arrangement between The Brew News and The Free Press Journal)

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