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5 memorable moments of “Ghoomer” iconic dialogues, now streaming on ZEE5 Global

Wed 13 Dec 2023    
| 2 min read

Dubai: Some movies go beyond entertainment, etching themselves into our memories, becoming more than just stories on screen. Ghoomer, streaming on ZEE5 Global, is one such cinematic marvel, a tale that extends beyond the thrill of sports, delving deep into the intricacies of life’s struggles and victories. Let’s explore the top five memorable dialogues and moments that elevate the movie beyond a sports tale.

“Yeh life na logic ka khel nahi hain …yeh life magic ka khel hain” – Abhishek Bachchan

(Life isn’t a game of logic … it’s a game of magic)

Life’s not about rules; it’s full of surprises where anything can happen unexpectedly. This dialogue beautifully encapsulates the essence of life, asserting its magical and unpredictable nature that defies simple logic.

“Loser kya mehsoos karta hain ..I know …I also want to know winners kya mehsoos karte hain” – Abhishek Bachchan

(I know what a loser feels … I also want to know what winners feel)

In a poignant reflection on victory and defeat, Bachchan’s character delivers a line that probes the unexplored emotions of both winners and losers. It’s about understanding how both winners and losers feel, and exploring their emotions in moments of success and defeat.

“Jiska koi nahi hota uska yorker hota hai … iske samne malik bhi naukar hota hai”

(The one who has no one has the yorker ball on their side … and in front of that even a boss becomes a servant)

Just as the yorker is a challenging delivery and only a few can execute it skillfully, the analogy suggests that mastering the yorker in cricket symbolizes wielding power or advantage in life and their ability to execute it at will signifies control in challenging situations.

“Zindagi jab muh pe darwaza bandh karti hai … tab usse kholna nahi todna padta hai”

(When life closes the door on your face … then you don’t open it, you go ahead and break it)

A powerful testament to resilience, this dialogue champions the idea of facing life’s challenges head-on. A testament to resilience, it urges defiance in the face of adversity, advocating breaking barriers instead of passively accepting obstacles.

“Fitness aur fatness mein ek hi akshar ka farak hai”

(There’s only a difference of one letter between fitness and fatness)

There’s just one letter between fitness and fatness, highlighting how health isn’t just about looks. This line redefines health norms, urging us to see beyond appearances and embrace a deeper understanding of genuine well-being.

Viewers can catch Ghoomer on ZEE5 Global. Tune in to the gripping sports drama ‘Ghoomer’ on ZEE5 Global

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