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UAE Football Association launches new brand identity

Tue 06 Feb 2024    
| 2 min read

Abu Dhabi: The United Arab Emirates Football Association (UAEFA) has unveiled its new media brand identity (logo) at the draw ceremony for the Round of 16 of the UAE President’s Cup. This move aims to promote sportsmanship and unity among the nation’s people.

The UAEFA expressed its commitment to national unity and determination, stating, “With unity and determination we thrive as a nation.” They emphasized the significance of fans as the “12th player,” underscoring their pivotal role in making the team unbeatable. This message resonates with the UAEFA’s mission to strengthen defenses and unite supporters.

According to UAEFA’s official account, the new media identity is designed to foster a sense of togetherness and resilience. It aligns with the high aspirations of the UAE leadership and people, symbolizing a new journey towards hopes and ambitions.

Inspired by the Qasr Al Hosn Fort, the new logo embodies the values of resilience, courage, and strategic planning. The fortress serves as a metaphor for the national team’s unyielding defense and unwavering commitment to success. By drawing on this symbol, the UAEFA seeks to instill a sense of determination and perseverance within its players and supporters alike.

The logo is adorned with the colors of the UAE flag, representing national pride and solidarity. It serves as a visual reminder of the nation’s rich heritage and cultural identity. Additionally, the logo pays tribute to the fans, who are hailed as the heart and soul of the game. Their unwavering support and passion are crucial to the team’s success on and off the field.

Through this new media brand identity, the UAEFA aims to inspire a sense of belonging and pride among all stakeholders. It underscores the importance of unity and collaboration in achieving common goals. By rallying behind the national team, fans can contribute to the country’s sporting success and enhance its reputation on the global stage.

The launch of the UAEFA’s new media brand identity marks a significant milestone in the organization’s journey towards promoting sportsmanship and unity. With its powerful symbolism and inclusive message, the logo serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for players and fans alike. Together, they can forge a path towards greater achievements and uphold the values of the UAE.

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