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Samsung showcases the smart home experience through regional alliances with leading smart home brands

Mon 05 Jun 2023    
The Brew News Team | 3 min read

Dubai: Samsung Electronics MENA showcased the SmartThings Home of Entertainment concept in Dubai to demonstrate how families can enhance their lives through a connected ecosystem.

Samsung has integrated SmartThings across its product categories, creating an inclusive ecosystem and an unmatched multi-device experience that enables users to control and transform their environment. Based on its legacy as well as global collaborations and partnerships, Samsung has worked with international partners to empower consumers to get the most out of their Samsung devices and third-party products they may already own. This simplifies and opens options for connectivity, creating more possibilities for users to tailor their device experiences.

At a luxury villa at Nikki Beach, Dubai, Samsung worked with partners to craft the ultimate connected home that is safe, personalized, and sustainable. It demonstrated how the Amazon Ring camera, Phillips Hue smart lighting, and Microsoft Xbox seamlessly connected with Samsung SmartThings to elevate users’ lifestyles. The entire ecosystem was managed through a simplified interface on Samsung Smart TVs, the new hub for the smart home. As the epicenter of the smart experience, the Smart TV marks a new dimension in home connectivity, complementing the smartphones now used by most users. 

The Samsung Smart House of Entertainment concept aligns with current interest among residents in smart homes and, more broadly, with regional countries’ Smart Cities visions. To continue supporting these developments, Samsung is keen to raise awareness of how SmartThings technology can easily transform regional homes into smart, functional homes powered by innovation.

Omar Saheb, Head of Corporate Marketing, at Samsung MENA, said: “The smart home of the future is no longer an illusion. At the Samsung Smart House of Entertainment, we demonstrated how we put control of the digital lifestyle back in the hands of users. We could not have done it alone, and our joint efforts with multiple global partners enabled us to shape this smart experience. We remain committed to bringing more partners and experiences into the ecosystem and reshaping regional conversations around the connected home.”     

Bringing Personalized Entertainment Experiences to All

The Samsung Smart House of Entertainment experience started in the lobby of the 5-room villa, where Samsung demonstrated how SmartThings enables users to manage their entire home, with 2023 Neo QLED providing the building blocks for whole-house automation and management. Dotting the room were various SmartThings-powered home appliances, including the Soundbar Q Series, the Bespoke refrigerator, the Samsung air purifier, the Bespoke Jetbot automatic vacuum cleaner, the Freestyle projector and the Amazon Ring camera for home security. All these appliances can be monitored via the Smart TV app or the SmartThings app.

Personalized experiences are a vital part of the smart home promise. For example, the Movie Sync and Music Sync feature in the Living Room showed how SmartThings enables the smart home environment to respond to the user. For example, when users listen to music on their Samsung devices, their Hue lights can automatically change colours or dim with SmartThings Music Sync.

For gamers, the innovative features in Samsung’s visual lineup are most appealing, such as, the 2023 Neo QLED and OLED with the Motion Xcelerator Turbo+, which brings high-speed games and high-octane movies to life with crisp visuals at blazing-fast speeds, with up to 144hz refresh rate with compatible PC-connected content. Furthermore, to power the ultimate Gaming Mode, the gaming room in the SmartThings house was fitted with an Xbox console, which offers seamless connection to the room’s Samsung Neo QLED, the Samsung Soundbar, the Odyssey Ark gaming monitor, or the Freestyle.

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Technology Powers Spiritual and Physical Wellbeing

The experience continued in the Master bedroom, where the Prayer Mode creates the ideal environment for prayer and reflection. When it is time to pray, users receive a notification on their smartwatch. Then, the user can activate the Prayer Mode on the SmartThings app, which activates the smart blinds, adjusts the room’s lighting, and turns off the TV.

The Family Room showcased how Samsung empowers healthy lifestyles through Sandstorm Mode. The Sandstorm feature demonstrated localized routines giving guests a glimpse into Samsung and ABB’s vision of building smarter communities.

During a sandstorm, a simple tap on the SmartThings app creates a clean indoor environment. When the Sandstorm Mode is activated, smart blinds block out dust from the outside, an indoor air purifier begins to run, and a robot vacuum cleaner begins to tidy up the home.

All rooms inside the SmartThings Home were fitted with Philips Hue smart LED lighting that adapts to any home’s decor, occasion, and users’ mood.

Through SmartThings, Samsung is already enabling new experiences, healthier living, better entertainment, and more sustainable lifestyles. Today, Samsung has 21 million registered SmartThings users in MENA alone. Interest in the Middle East has been very positive; number of registered users has increased by 60% since 2021. Proving that consumers in MENA are keen on adopting smarter connected experiences not only in their homes but also in their daily lives.

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