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On cloud nine // Reel Model or Role model. The dark side of our choice.

Sun 31 Jan 2021    
| 4 min read

In today’s fast paced world everyone has become image conscious, diet conscious, health conscious and conscious for others too. Do you know the reason? Answer is virtual world and social media presence.

Social media has given us a platform where one can become a celebrity in one night and a loser in another. Don’t you think we have started judging people on the basis of likes, comments and filtered pics on social media? But what about you as an individual? Do you actually want to live a reel model life or role model life?

Reel models just want to act as posers, influencers or beauty models but do you know the real picture of their lives. Many of them put their health at stake, their lives at stake, their families at stake just to be the star on social media. Isn’t it saddening?

When any celebrity goes into depression and we witness their real life, we hesitate to accept and show sympathy and suddenly it becomes the slogan of the nation – Mental health is important!

Have we ever realised there is a lot of inner darkness behind this glitz and glamour world, few might agree with me and few might, not as many of us, love to be in limelight. We have seen during this lockdown, the breakdown of various artists. People whom we use to adore succumb to the deathbed. People, who use to be super fit and super models for us, dying due to the fear of pandemic. This wouldn’t have happened if they had lived a role model life rather a reel model life.

We all keep seeing these days, everyone is running a rat race to win some or the other model hunt, artist hunt, etc. but why can’t we see any race to be a role model for our kids, role models as couples, role models as working professionals?

The answer probably lies in your job which is definitely not exciting whereas everyone loves a challenge and glamour ka tadka! Isn’t it?

I’m not against this race at all but as a doctor my only question is, are you choosing the right options while following any career choices or life choices?

Many a times in my center I get Reel models with fancy targets.

“I have to lose weight in just 30 days”

“I have to get the best inch loss in ten days.”

“I have to do a detox before I appear for my performance on stage.”

On the other hand Role models show me the harsh reality of life that they need to reduce weight due to health requirements – bones have given up due to osteoporosis, diabetes, thyroid, PCOD and much more.

Everyone is equally passionate about achieving their goals but the difference lies in only one aspect – their perspective towards their own self. Reel models want to achieve for others, to show the world how beautiful and handsome they look, although their interior system is hollow or rather I would say one who are least bothered about what their body speaks with them. Role models, on the other hand, wish to achieve for themselves. They listen to their body and go on a sustainable diet pattern to live a healthy life.

Enough of diet talk, now let me highlight on their mental health too. Reel models show the world their best faces and start living a dual life which in the future turns into various disorders like sudden panic attacks, fear of failure, behaviour changes, mood swings and suicidal thoughts.

In the actual world people go into depression because they are dying due to hunger, poverty, rapes, family issues, diseases co-morbidities, etc. Reel models see failures in mental health but role models face mental issues and come out as winners because they know a positive mind-set is everything.

So, who is your role model? A person with six pack abs, bikini figure and a fan following in millions or a simple friend who is there with you through thick and thin? Your teacher who has taught you how to impart knowledge, your mother who has shown you how to give selfless care or your neighbour whom you admire because they are so happy in their relationships.

As a doctor it’s a humble request to all reel models to live a role model life once and see how magical it is. Do stop comparing yourself with others and live an individual life. Stop being harsh to your body as it needs love and care and do not detox often. Stop fake-smiling only for pics and try laughter therapy which works wonders when you are sitting with your loved ones. Start cooking yourself and enjoy the flavours by eating with hands rather than eating less food in fancy restaurants with fork and knives. Stop being mean to others by clicking pictures in the name of donation because what you are getting in return are priceless blessings, which would go to waste if your intent is to show off to the world.

Last but not the least, try Being Mindful. Be in the moment and enjoy this simple life rather than making it complicated. One life… Make it count… Smile and spread smiles!!

Disclaimer: All views and opinions expressed in The Brew View – our opinion section – are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of, the company, or any of its members.

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