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Wild cat caught in Fujairah; owner fined for negligence on letting loose a caracal

Tue 07 May 2024    
| 2 min read

Excitement in Fujairah! There was a wild cat roaming around a neighborhood near the mountains. People filmed the cat and shared the videos online. The Fujairah Environment Authority saw the videos and quickly formed teams to find and catch the cat. They did this carefully to make sure nobody got hurt. Surprisingly, the cat didn’t try to attack anyone while they caught it.

The owner of the wild cat has been slapped with a substantial fine, though the exact amount has not been disclosed by the authority. Under UAE law, penalties for owning a dangerous animal without proper registration can range from Dh10,000 to Dh500,000, depending on the circumstances.

The capture of the wild cat in Fujairah brings attention to the presence of caracals in the UAE. Caracals, also known as desert lynxes, are elusive wild cats native to the region. With their distinctive tufted ears and sleek, tawny fur, these creatures are well-adapted to the arid desert environment. However, due to habitat loss and urbanization, sightings of caracals in residential areas have become increasingly common.

Despite their striking appearance, caracals are solitary and typically avoid human interaction. However, encounters between humans and these wild cats can pose risks to both parties. Authorities emphasize the importance of responsible pet ownership and adherence to wildlife regulations to prevent such incidents and ensure the safety of both animals and residents.

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Following its capture, the caracal has been transferred to a zoo where it will receive appropriate care and accommodation. This action underscores the importance of conservation efforts and responsible management of wildlife in the UAE to protect both native species and public safety.

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