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UAE Cabinet endorses 10-year Blue Residency visa for environmental advocates

Thu 16 May 2024    
The Brew News Team | < 1 min read

The UAE Cabinet has sanctioned a 10-year Blue Residency visa for individuals who make “exceptional contributions” to environmental conservation efforts. Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, revealed this initiative following a Cabinet session at Qasr Al Watan in Abu Dhabi.

“The sustainability of our economy has become linked to the sustainability of our environment, and our national directions in this area are clear and consistent,” Sheikh Mohammed announced on X.

The visa will be granted to those who exhibit remarkable contributions towards safeguarding the environment, encompassing marine and terrestrial conservation endeavors, as well as advancements in air quality and sustainable technologies.

Additionally, the Cabinet endorsed the National Youth Agenda until 2031, aiming to empower young people economically, nurture their scientific capabilities, fortify their national identity, amplify their societal contributions, and engage them in representing the nation.

A new framework for classifying higher education institutions was approved, emphasizing quality, student employability, research excellence, and global recognition.

Aligned with the nation’s AI ambitions, the establishment of a chief executive for AI in major federal entities was greenlit to accelerate the integration of advanced technologies across government sectors.

“We will continue to push our youth into advanced and promising sectors,” Sheikh Mohammed said. “We will continue to protect our environment. We will continue to adopt the best international technologies in our government. We will continue to develop our higher education systems.”

The Cabinet’s deliberations followed Sheikh Mohammed’s meeting with President Sheikh Mohamed at Abu Dhabi’s Qasr Al Bahr Majlis, where they discussed advancing sustainable growth and enhancing the nation’s progress.

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