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Shahvez Khan jumped 30ft in a flooded tunnel to save lives of strangers trapped in a car!

Tue 23 Apr 2024    
| < 1 min read

Dubai: It was April 16, the day UAE was flooded by a deluge of stormy rains. But this hero in Dubai was not aware that he will have to face greatest challenge of his life. Shahvez Khan encountered a challenge that would mean life and death for a group of people trapped in their car under a flooding tunnel in Dubai, UAE.

Watch him speak with Shaneer Siddiqui, Managing Editor of, to learn how this man from a small village in India faced personal danger to save the lives of strangers.

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Heavy rains pounded the United Arab Emirates on April 16, causing floods on major roads and leaving cars stranded in Dubai. The city’s massive international airport, Dubai International Airport, briefly stopped all operations due to the storm. Meanwhile, in neighboring Oman, heavy flooding has resulted in 18 reported deaths, with others still missing.

The heavy rains began overnight, creating large pools of water on streets and airport runways. Strong winds worsened the situation, disrupting flights at Dubai International Airport, which is known as the busiest airport for international travel. The airport announced a temporary halt of all operations for about 25 minutes and diverted all incoming flights until the weather improved.

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