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Arab’s luck is rocking in Mahzooz: Emirati, Lebanese, and Syrian winners claim AED 1 million each in the past three weeks

Mon 19 Jun 2023    
| 2 min read

Dubai: Mahzooz, the UAE’s leading weekly draw with the most frequent and highest pay-outs, has recently witnessed a remarkable streak of fortune for individuals of Arab descent. Over the past three weeks, an Emirati national as well as a Lebanese and a Syrian expatriate has emerged as the fortunate winners of the GUARANTEED raffle prize, each walking away with a life-changing prize of AED 1,000,000.

Mahzooz has quickly become the go-to platform for those seeking a chance at transforming their dreams into reality. With its generous prizes and guaranteed weekly wins, Mahzooz has captivated the imaginations of millions in the UAE and across the region. The recent string of Arab winners adds to Mahzooz’s growing legacy of creating life-changing opportunities for its participants.

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With 7 Mahzooz millionaires, around 28,000 winners from Arab origins have cashed more than AED 25,000,000 in prize money, in the past two years. Topping the list are more than 8,400 UAE national winners, followed by over 6300 winners from Lebanon, whose luck and perseverance have earned them a prominent place in Mahzooz’s winners’ circle. Other Arab nationalities have also had their fair share of Mahzooz triumphs, with 3,400 winners from Egypt and over 3,270 winners from Syria.

In a display of remarkable luck, Sahar, an Emirati woman, claimed AED 1,000,000 in the 130th draw held on 28 May 2023. As news of her triumph spread, Mireille, a Lebanese participant emerged the week after as the subsequent recipient of the coveted prize. Her life, forever changed, is now poised to embark on a journey of new commercial and charitable opportunities, all made possible by Mahzooz.

Adding to the growing list of Arab winners, Amin, a Syrian expatriate, who had left his homeland in pursuit of better prospects in the UAE over 15 years ago, became the latest fortunate winner to claim the life-changing AED 1,000,000 prize. His story stands as a testament to the diverse backgrounds and experiences that converge under the Mahzooz umbrella, united by the common dream of attaining unparalleled success.

Mahzooz’s remarkable run of Arab winners has not only reaffirmed its position as the region’s premier weekly draw but has also showcased its ability to touch lives on a deeply personal level. By consistently awarding substantial prizes and transforming ordinary individuals into extraordinary success stories, Mahzooz continues to inspire millions to believe in the power of dreams

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