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India changes Surat airport status to International Airport

Thu 01 Feb 2024    
| 2 min read

Surat: Known as the ‘Diamond City’ of Gujarat, Surat has hit a major milestone as its airport is now officially recognized as an ‘International Airport’ by the Indian government, according to the Ministry of Civil Aviation. This move is a big deal for Surat’s growth and connectivity.

Why is this Important?
Firstly, this upgrade comes with significant improvements. Surat Airport has been revamped with better facilities and a more modern look. The runway has been expanded, and security and immigration systems have been upgraded. These changes are not just for show; they make the airport more capable and efficient.

Secondly, Surat can now connect with more places globally. More international flights are likely to operate from and to Surat, linking the city with different parts of the world. This is excellent news for both business and leisure travelers.

Economic Boost for Surat:
Surat is an economic powerhouse, particularly in the diamond and textile industries. By giving Surat Airport international status, it’s easier for businesses to import and export goods. This can potentially open up new trade opportunities, making Surat even more central to economic activities.

Tourism Opportunities:
For tourists, this is a win too. Surat has a rich cultural heritage and is close to various tourist spots. With an international airport, more travelers from around the world can easily explore the wonders of Surat and its neighboring areas.

Job Creation:
The growth of Surat Airport isn’t just about planes; it’s about people too. More flights mean more jobs. From the airport staff to those working in hotels and restaurants, the whole city can benefit from the increased air traffic.

Government’s Larger Plan:
This move aligns with the government’s broader vision of improving connectivity in smaller cities. The UDAN scheme aims to connect underserved airports, making air travel more accessible and boosting local economies. Surat’s international status is a part of this larger plan.

Surat Airport becoming an international hub is a game-changer. It signifies progress, not just for the airport, but for the entire city and the state. With improved infrastructure, more flights, and increased economic activity, Surat is gearing up for a brighter and more connected future.

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