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Learn to learn, says Jim Kwik at Mindvalley

Mon 27 Feb 2023    
| 2 min read

Dubai: Jim Kwik, Motivational Speaker and best-selling author of Limitless speaks to Babar Siddiqui, Features Editor of The Brew News about activating a limitless life by upgrading brain power and performance.

Jim’s mission is to “activate” the cognitive potential in as many people as possible by sharing his brain training techniques and accelerated learning methodologies to help people enhance their brain function, tap into the power of their minds, and build confidence to become limitless.

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About Jim Kwik

Those words were spoken by my teacher after a childhood accident left me with a severe brain injury. I was crushed to realize this was how she saw me–and that other adults probably saw me the same way.

I had difficulty focusing, couldn’t concentrate, and my memory was awful. The school became an ordeal, and I sought refuge in comic books, especially the X-Men because they were misunderstood and didn’t fit in. I could relate.

I even searched for Professor Xavier’s school, convinced it was nearby!

Years later, after barely getting into college and on the verge of flunking out, he introduced me to the idea that I could learn how to learn.

None of my college courses taught this, and I became obsessed with books on adult learning theory, neuroscience, brain performance, speed reading, and even ancient mnemonics.

Everyone should know this powerful information! My life’s mission was born: to teach people the mindset, motivation, and methods that could move them from feeling disempowered to limitless.

About Mindvalley

We spend the prime years of our lives preparing for our careers. But we spend hardly any time preparing for things that will determine the quality of our life experience and the quality of our relationships, health, mindset and well-being. Mindvalley teaches you the things that actually matter most in life.

And we do it by bringing in the latest cutting edge techniques, the world’s best teachers, and a powerful learning platform that is the best of its kind in the world.

Jim Kwik Mind valley Dubai Jim Kwik Mind valley Dubai

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