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5 things to know about Sam Manekshaw, now streaming on ZEE5 Global

Tue 05 Mar 2024    
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| 2 min read

Know the 5 elements that define the Sam Bahadur as a war hero.

Global: A story of true heroism unfolds as Vicky Kaushal embodies the legendary Sam Manekshaw in Sam Bahadur. Break down the hero’s playbook as we look at five important qualities that define this legendary character. Sam’s life has been an adventure of fearlessness, and tactical brilliance, from his surprising career choices to the exciting story at the Indian Military Academy and a successful journey through five historic wars. Join us on ZEE5 Global to know, how Sam Manekshaw’s legacy continues to inspire. Here are the five fascinating facts that define him as a true hero.

Pioneering Field Marshal

Sam Manekshaw, also known as Sam Bahadur, made history by becoming the first Indian army officer to be promoted to Field Marshal in 1971. Leading the Indo-Pak war in the same year, he played a significant role in securing a glorious victory for the nation.

Rebel by Birth, Leader by Choice

Sam initially wanted to study medicine, he cleared his high school examinations with distinction and then asked his father to send him to London to study medicine. But his father refused, and after that as an act of rebellion against his father’s refusal, he took the entrance examination for the Indian Military Academy in Dehradun, setting the basis for his extraordinary military career.

Saga of the Indian Military Academy

Joining the Indian Military Academy in 1932, Sam Manekshaw stood out as one of the few cadets to clear the IMA examination in the first attempt. Graduating in 1934, he became a second lieutenant in the British Indian Army. Following independence, the British Indian Army was officially known as the Indian Army.

Wars and Victories

During his remarkable four-decade career, Sam Manekshaw participated in five historic wars, including World War II, the 1948 Kashmir War, the 1962 Indo-Sino War, and the 1965 and 1971 Indo-Pak wars. His strategic brilliance and leadership especially during the 1971 war led to a resounding victory for India.

Fearlessly Standing Against Orders

Sam Manekshaw was renowned for his bravery and tactical thinking. Before the 1971 India-Pakistan war, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi asked for his assurances about the army’s availability. Courageously, he refused right away and demanded more time. And finally, when the war finally broke out, he led India to one of its greatest military victories.

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