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Everything you need to know about baseball & Baseball United: The new baseball league coming to UAE

Wed 27 Sep 2023    
| 2 min read

Dubai: Baseball, one of America’s beloved sports, is making a historic step into Asia. In what is a groundbreaking move, Baseball United has announced two United Arab Emirates-based sides will compete in their first-ever baseball league: The Dubai Wolves and the Abu Dhabi Falcons.

Baseball United

Under the leadership of President Kash Shaikh, Baseball United bases itself upon five core values: integrity, respect, passion, humility, and unity, with a mission to make baseball the next great sport in the Middle East and South Asia. As it stands, the league boosts four franchises, the Karachi Monarchs based in Pakistan, and the Mumbai Cobras from India, alongside the two previously mentioned teams playing out of the United Arab Emirates.

Baseball’s Rules

In baseball, each game consists of nine innings, which are divided into two halves. During the top half, one team bats, aiming to score runs by hitting and running around the bases, while the opposing team takes the defensive role, pitching and fielding to stop them.

The objective for the batting team is to get as many players around the bases and back to home plate as possible without getting tagged or forced out by the defensive team. They can also score runs by hitting the ball out of the playing field, which is called a home run.

For the defensive team, their primary goal is to prevent the batting team from scoring runs. They can do this by striking out the batter (making them miss the ball three times), tagging runners out, or forcing them out by touching a base before the runner reaches it.

The game’s winner is determined by the team with the most runs at the end of nine innings. In case of a tie, extra innings can be played until a winner is determined.

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The Match-day Experience

Beginning on November 10th, the Dubai International Stadium will host the ‘Dubai Showcase’ – a thrilling three-day event between the four founding franchises of Baseball United.

Opening the show is an encounter for the ages as the Karachi Monarchs take on the Mumbai Cobras with the finale of the Showcase matching up the United Arab Emirates two franchises: the Dubai Wolves and Abu Dhabi Falcons.

Fans with tickets will also have the bonus of a music concert just 45 minutes after the game has ended – acts are yet to be announced but details are expected to be released next month.

Outside of the stadium, the Showcase will also include a free-of-charge Fan Fest for the public. All different types of baseball-themed games and activities will be available for fans to enjoy, with different food and beverage options too. 

Tickets are yet to go on sale, however, official Baseball United merchandise such as team jerseys and caps can be purchased online here.

  • This article is contributed by Thomas Cayless. Thomas is an upper-class Honours Multi-Media Sports Journalism Graduate from the University College of Football and Business.

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