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Talabat delivery rider caught eating customer’s food – this was the company’s response

Sat 29 Jul 2023    
| < 1 min read

Dubai: A viral video shows a Talabat rider eating and drinking from what looks to be a customer’s order while parked on the side of the road.

In a tweet, the rider’s behavior was questioned by @BrqDubai, who also requested that Dubai Municipality take note.

He wrote: “It is very clear the extent of cleanliness and honesty. I hope we don’t hear excuses and that this employee is held accountable and dismissed, and the company apologizes to every customer who deals with it, because Talabat’s clients are the basis of its success. I hope Dubai Municipality will take legal measures and direct the Public Health Department.”

Dubai Municipality replied to the tweet within minutes, praising the user for getting in touch and asking more questions about the event.

In response to the video, another Twitter user, @_obt_, added: “How much have I complained about this topic and nothing has changed.”

However, the video is not from Dubai. It is from Bahrain, and an official statement addressing the video was posted by Talabat Bahrain’s Instagram account. It read:

“We recently became aware of a video showing a rider poorly handling an order, which is against our health and safety policies. Even though this has been confirmed as [a] canceled order, the rider has been immediately suspended, pending further investigation. We take such behaviour very seriously and have sent a reminder to all logistics partners and riders to abide by our health and safety guidelines.”

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