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Reliance Foundation unveils Vantara, pioneering India’s Animal Rescue & Conservation

Wed 28 Feb 2024    
| 2 min read

Reliance Foundation Launches Vantara, Pioneering Animal Conservation & Rescue Center.

Jamnagar: In a groundbreaking move, Reliance Industries and Reliance Foundation have introduced Vantara (meaning “Star of the Forest”), a pioneering initiative dedicated to the rescue, treatment, and rehabilitation of injured and threatened animals. Spanning 3000 acres within the verdant landscape of Reliance’s Jamnagar Refinery Complex in Gujarat, Vantara aims to revolutionize global conservation efforts.

Under the visionary leadership of Anant Ambani, Director of RIL and Reliance Foundation, Vantara marks India’s first comprehensive animal conservation program. Embracing state-of-the-art facilities and collaborating with leading experts and international organizations like IUCN and WWF, Vantara strives to set new standards in animal welfare.

With a track record of rescuing over 200 elephants and various other species, including rhinos and crocodiles, Vantara has expanded its reach to international rescue missions, demonstrating a commitment to global biodiversity conservation.

Anant Ambani emphasized Vantara’s mission to protect endangered species and restore vital habitats, garnering recognition from top zoological and medical experts. Partnering with governmental and educational institutions, including the Zoo Authority of India, Vantara aims to enhance animal care infrastructure nationwide.

Rooted in compassion and modern professionalism, Vantara boasts a state-of-the-art Elephant Centre equipped with advanced medical facilities and Ayurvedic treatments. The Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre houses over 2000 animals across 43 species, pioneering conservation breeding programs to combat extinction threats.

All rescued animals undergo rigorous legal and regulatory procedures, ensuring compliance with wildlife protection laws. Vantara’s collaborations extend globally, fostering partnerships with renowned organizations like the Smithsonian and the National Zoological Park.

Education and awareness play a pivotal role in Vantara’s mission, with plans for collaboration with educational institutions and innovative display areas to inspire conservation efforts among youth.

In alignment with its conservation goals, Vantara integrates greening initiatives into its agenda, contributing to the environmental sustainability of the Reliance Refinery areas.

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Vantara represents a beacon of hope for endangered species, embodying a fusion of tradition, innovation, and unwavering dedication to the welfare of all creatures.

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