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Have you heard about Coffee Intelligence, which you need to wake up

Sat 16 Sep 2023    
| 2 min read

Dubai: Many coffee shops in Dubai can brew a good cuppa and pour it well too. Right? However, not many coffee shops in Dubai can give you a crash course in Coffee Intelligence (CI) whilst you indulge in the beans. Yes, Artificial Intelligence (AI) may be in the news, but Coffee Intelligence is what you need to wake up to if you literally wish to smell the coffee. Enter The Brew Crew, a café in Dubai Investment Park (DIP) 2, Dubai, that opened its doors to coffee aficionados in September 2023. If you not only like your coffee, but also are curious about how it’s roasted, brewed, and poured, then The Brew Crew is the place to head to for your dose of a range of coffee varieties. And yes, you don’t need to reserve a spot for a lesson or a cup, simply walk into the space.

The brainchild of comrades, Ashjeet Talwar and Ghanu, The Brew Crew imports and roasts a range of specialty coffees from across the world and has 30+ artisanal beverages. “We believe in knowledge sharing, and there’s nothing better than a coffee literate indulging in the beans. At The Brew Crew, our dream is to empower anyone who walks into the café with insights into the sourcing, roasting, grinding, brewing, and other aspects of coffee production and consumption,” said Ashjeet, Founder, of The Brew Crew. The café aspires to emerge as a space for both coffee lovers and coffee curious. Anyone who walks into their doors is guaranteed a complimentary crash course by the in-house baristas. Add to it the fact that the 6,650 square feet space is equipped with a temperature and humidity-controlled facility, which includes a nouvelle Brew Bar in action, a Roasting Training Campus, a Green Coffee Storage, and more, to ensure that your lesson is complete with both theoretical and practical elements.

Whilst placing an order, one can make a selection from beans from three countries primarily — Brazil, Ethiopia, and Malawi — and we’d highly recommend sampling their Signature Ceremonial Matcha Latte, the Artisan Brew Iced V60, or the Coffee on Tap Nitro Original and Cold Brew. The guests can also purchase beans to prepare a cup at home, “All of our produce is ethically sourced and grown to certain specifications. A guest who buys the beans (from us) also takes home tips from our team on how to store the coffee to ensure it tastes the same, even after weeks of the purchase. The flavour of the coffee is dependent on of course various factors and we hope to educate the guests with as many of those as possible,” added Ghanu, Head of Beverages, at The Brew Crew.

The café will soon be partnering with delivery platforms across Dubai, but until then you’re invited to dine in at the space, adorned with graffiti that speaks volumes and colors, and very much deserves a space on your Instagram grid. In the near future, The Brew Crew will also host a series of lectures, talks, and workshops to further spread the love for coffee, as they enhance the coffee literacy quotient in Dubai.

Where: The Brew Crew, Barcode Warehouse Complex, Dubai Investment Park 2, Dubai
Opening hours: Monday-Saturday, 9 am to 6 pm

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