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Scarlett Johansson sues AI app for unauthorized impersonation in an ad

Thu 02 Nov 2023    
| < 1 min read

Scarlett Johansson takes legal action against AI app for unauthorized impersonation against her approval in a commercial.

Renowned actress Scarlett Johansson has initiated legal proceedings against the Lisa AI: 90s Yearbook & Avatar app, an AI app that allegedly exploited her image without consent in an advertising campaign. Scarlett, celebrated for her roles in blockbuster films such as “Avengers” and “Lost in Translation,” is determined to protect her image and legal rights.

The lawsuit alleges that the AI app in question illicitly harnessed Scarlett Johansson’s likeness to promote a product in a commercial without her endorsement. This case underscores the pressing concerns associated with AI technology’s misuse, specifically in generating deepfake content impersonating celebrities and public figures.

Scarlett Johansson‘s legal action spotlights the critical and intricate aspects of AI-generated content, the ethics of deepfake technology, and the urgency of defending individual identity. It underscores the necessity of legal frameworks and regulations to address these challenges and safeguard the rights and privacy of public figures.

The lawsuit is emblematic of the multifaceted interplay between technology, intellectual property, and the rights of public figures. As the legal proceedings unfold, Scarlett Johansson’s case could set a precedent with significant ramifications for AI app developers, the entertainment industry, and the broader conversation on the responsible use of AI technology in advertising and media.

The resolution of this lawsuit holds implications for AI developers, celebrities, and the evolving landscape of AI-generated content, reshaping the boundaries of acceptable AI usage and its impact on individuals in the public eye.

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