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This Russian Region Just ‘Banned’ Music; Netizens Call The Move ‘Absolutely Insane’

Mon 22 Apr 2024    
| 2 min read

Every individual has a different liking for music, while some enjoy loud rap others might vibe on a soothing slow composition. Here’s something that will catch your attention on this note as we say that a region has banned music, not entirely but with specifications.

The Russian Republic of Chechnya recently announced a ban on beats that were either too fast or too slow. In an official statement this April, the Chechen Ministry of Culture wrote, “From now on, all musical, vocal and choreographic works must correspond to the tempo of 80 to 116 beats per minute.”

This has come out as a bizarre move making people react to it.

In a video shared by Adam Neely, a bass player based in NYC, the musician addressed the decision and put down his views online. “This is probably just a clever way to make sure that Lezginka (Russian folk dance) is legal (which is crazy fast, but whose half time tempo fits within this window) but foreign music like House and Techno does not,” he said.

His video went viral on YouTube and Instagram drawing more reactions from fellow music lovers. “Banning music at all is absolutely insane,” said an internet user, while another remarked taking a dig at the government policies, “Please understand that this law isn’t just some absurd…”

Some even reflected at how this move would result in artists necessitating rework to fit their creations into the permissible range. “Time to make a killing rearranging every song to fit into the tempo ranges with the most horrific tied notes imaginable,” they wrote. Further, a comment read, “Before you render your mix, gotta make sure you’re chechen-compatible (sic).”

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Russian Banned Music Chechnya is about Russian Banned Music Chechnya

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