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Sharjah’s Xposure Photography Festival unveils its biggest edition for visual arts enthusiasts

Thu 01 Feb 2024    
| 2 min read

Sharjah: The 8th edition of the Xposure International Photography Festival is set to take place from February 28 to March 5, 2024, as announced by the Sharjah Government Media Bureau. Renowned as the largest festival of its kind in the region, the event gathers enthusiasts and professionals from the visual arts, showcasing photography and film at the Expo Centre Sharjah.

This 7-day festival is a bustling hub for photographers, filmmakers, visual artists, and visitors. It features award-winning exhibitions, engaging debates, film screenings, a trade exhibition, book signings, and interactive activities. Aimed at professionals, amateurs, and hobbyists, Xposure focuses on skill development through specialized workshops and portfolio reviews, offering one of the most prestigious awards to recognize industry talents.

Tariq Saeed Allay, Director General of SGMB, emphasized the festival’s mission to elevate Sharjah and the UAE’s global reputation in visual arts. Xposure contributes to positioning the emirate as a top destination for global talent and a prominent platform for cultural and artistic exchange.

The festival aims to offer visitors unique perspectives from world-renowned image makers, enriching cultural and educational experiences. Allay highlighted the strategic approach of inspiring people, making them better observers of the world, and strengthening the future of visual storytelling through the exchange of ideas and innovation.

With a prize pool of $60,000, Xposure 2024 has attracted over 25,000 entries from 190 countries across 13 categories. Noteworthy categories include ‘Street Photography’ with 4,868 entries, ‘Portraiture’ with 4,847 entries, and ‘Nature Landscape’ with 4,583 entries.

Additionally, the festival includes film awards in categories such as ‘Short Film,’ ‘Best Documentary,’ ‘Best Cinematic Arts,’ and ‘Best Animated and Moving Image,’ receiving 567 entries from around the world.

A special category named ‘Junior Photography’ caters to young photographers under 18, attracting 192 entries. The festival also honors photojournalists with the Independent Freelance Photojournalist Award, divided into the categories of ‘Spot News’, ‘Environment’, and ‘Solutions,’ with a prize pool exceeding $15,000.

This award recognizes the resilience and passion of photographers who bravely showcase the truth, build public awareness, and highlight global issues. The Xposure International Photography Festival continues to be a dynamic platform fostering talent, innovation, and cultural exchange in the visual arts.

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