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Nadella says Microsoft will train over 2 Million Indians in AI skills

Thu 08 Feb 2024    
| < 1 min read

Satya Nadella from Microsoft announced a big plan during his visit to India. He wants to teach more than 2 million Indians about AI, which stands for Artificial Intelligence. He thinks this will help them find good jobs in the future. This plan could also create new job opportunities in India. Microsoft AI Indians

Nadella believes that AI can make India’s economy stronger. He mentioned that many Indian companies are already using AI. Microsoft itself has a tool called Copilot that uses AI. Nadella thinks that investing in AI, like how the UK invested in railroads during the Industrial Revolution, can help a country grow.

This initiative is part of Nadella’s visit to India, where he’s talking a lot about AI and its future in 2024. He wants Microsoft to show how technology, especially AI, can bring more opportunities to India. He calls this transformation “India’s Techade.”

During his visit, Nadella praised a company called Karya. They use Microsoft’s research to help people in rural areas of India find work. Karya pays these people much more than the minimum wage to help with tasks like labeling and organizing data for AI training.

According to Puneet Chandok, who is in charge of Microsoft in India and South Asia, India has the potential to be a big part of the AI revolution. He says three things make India great for AI: there are many startups working on AI, India has a lot of experts in AI, and AI could make a big difference in the world’s economy.

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