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KA-1 unveils ‘Language of Love’ collaboration with Diaa Allam at Fame Park, embracing artistic fusion

Fri 16 Feb 2024    
| 2 min read

Dubai: KA-1 Clothing, the distinguished Emirati streetwear label unveils its newest collection, “Language of Love”. This collection epitomizes KA-1’s commitment to transforming the streetwear fashion scene in the UAE and globally.

At the heart of this collection lies KA-1’s partnership with the esteemed UAE-based artist, Diaa Allam. Leveraging Diaa’s expertise in Arabic calligraphy, highlighted by innovative techniques such as 3D and motion typography, adds a vibrant dimension to the “Language of Love” line. Through Diaa’s artistic vision, each piece becomes a wearable masterpiece, capturing the spirit of Emirati street culture and the beauty of the Arabic language.

The “Language of Love” collection surpasses traditional streetwear norms, effortlessly merging modern fashion with cultural legacy. Drawing inspiration from the multifaceted expressions of love found in the Arabic language, each item in the collection acts as a platform for sentiments of affection, unity, and self-assurance. Whether it’s graphic tees or bold hoodies, every apparel piece features elaborate Arabic calligraphy, meticulously designed to encapsulate the diverse dimensions of love.

The debut event, hosted at Fame Park, offered a luxurious backdrop for the grand reveal of the “Language of Love” collection. Infused with an ambiance of ambition, achievement, and exclusivity, Fame Park served as the perfect reflection of KA-1 Clothing’s essence. Against this sophisticated backdrop, attendees enjoyed an immersive experience, blending elements of street fashion, artistry, and encounters with exotic wildlife.

The event boasted an illustrious guest list, with prominent figures such as KA-1 founder Dr. Saif Belhasa, esteemed artist Diaa Allam, and model Kari Kari Petrosyan in attendance. Also present were Duolikun Saimure, the founder of SD Luxury Magazine, along with Model & Actor Kareem Afghani. Among the distinguished guests were Mohammad Belhasa, talented artist Junaid Malik, and international businesswoman Sevgi Eren. Noteworthy personalities like actress Dareen Omar Abdullah Nazzal and influencer Shan Baig added to the star-studded affair. Mohamed Nagia and numerous others graced the occasion, immersing themselves in the unique experience offered at Fame Park, where they had the opportunity to interact with captivating animals including giant pythons, majestic lions, tigers, cheetahs, black bears, and even a dwarf crocodile.

The new collection “Language of Love” has been released online and in stores. For more information about KA-1 Clothing and its “Language of Love” collection, please visit or follow them on @ka1clothing

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