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UAE is a symbol of humanitarian giving in times of crises & challenges: Abdul Rahman Al Owais

Wed 18 Aug 2021    
| 2 min read

DUBAI: Abdul Rahman bin Mohammad bin Nasser Al Owais, Minister of Health and Prevention said that World Humanitarian Day represents significant milestones of the UAE’s achievements in the humanitarian field, which constituted an example and a symbol of humanitarian action globally in times of crises and daunting challenges.

Al Owais made the statements on the occasion of World Humanitarian Day, which falls on 19th August every year, adding that the UAE, through a lot of honorable stances, has affirmed that it is indeed the land of philanthropy that harnesses all its capabilities to consolidate human fraternity in all circumstances, in line with the country’s directions to promote humanitarian work and giving in the world.

Al Owais stressed that the UAE has emerged as a pioneering country in humanitarian action through several quality initiatives, based on an integrated and sustainable work system that improves the quality of life and works to build a better future for societies.

He added that the extraordinary efforts being made by the country in the field of humanitarian work have been met with great respect and appreciation in international forums, something which underlines that the UAE’s humanitarian message has moved beyond all boundaries.

Wherever the need for humanitarian aid arises, the UAE, guided by the inherent values and legacy of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, has always been present to extend a helping hand to everyone without discrimination in terms of race or religion, he stated.

In order to consolidate its civilised face in the global forums, the UAE, since its establishment, has embraced a unique approach to become a bridge of the cultural communication between peoples of the world in an open environment based on coexistence and humanitarian action.

Al Owais continued to say that the UAE is considered an oasis of human values and a title for the culture of developmental humanitarian giving that was demonstrated in a lot of creative initiatives in many health, climatic and political challenges that faced some countries. This is an affirmation that humanitarian giving is the UAE’s message to the entire world, a country that gives without limits until humanitarian work has become synonymous with the name of the UAE in international forums. -WAM

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