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Humanitarian and social pioneers invited for Sharjah Govt Comm Award 2024

Fri 21 Jun 2024    
The Brew News Team | 2 min read

The ‘Best Communication and Humanitarian Practices Supporting Social Responsibility’ is open for governments, private sector, and international organisations.

Sharjah: Reinforcing its dedication to spotlighting impactful social and humanitarian efforts, the Sharjah Government Media Bureau (SGMB) is inviting global pioneers in humanitarian and social responsibility fields to compete in the 11th edition of the Sharjah Government Communication Award (SGCA) through the direct submission category, “Best Communication and Humanitarian Practices Supporting Social Responsibility.”

The award honours private and government sector players, as well as international organisations, that have advanced social responsibility through exceptional communication campaigns and initiatives. These efforts embody the values of collaboration, social support, and solidarity, creating a lasting impact on the well-being of individuals and communities while fostering a sustainable culture of social responsibility.

Celebrating humanitarian values and social impact

The ‘Best Communication and Humanitarian Practices Supporting Social Responsibility’ category comprises two awards, distinctly targeting the government sector and the private sector.

Winners in this category will be chosen for their exceptional adoption of an integrated management and communication approach that deeply understands community needs and  integrates humanitarian and social aspects. Nominees must adeptly utilise daily communication and activities to raise awareness of social responsibility. They should execute non-profit national, regional, or global campaigns to achieve significant and measurable impact, showcasing their commitment to making a positive difference and uphold humanitarian and social values and practices.

To secure a place on the winners’ podium, the submitted projects and campaigns must demonstrate valuable and unique contributions that offer tangible results in enhancing social awareness and positively impacting the environment and society. Sustaining the campaign’s long-term impact and goals and forging effective partnerships with other entities to amplify positive outcomes and fulfil social responsibility objectives is crucial.

Success in this category depends on the use of creative and innovative methods in campaign development and implementation, the ability to measure results, and the application of scientific methodologies and appropriate communication techniques to achieve social and humanitarian goals.

Sharjah Government Communication Award 2024 unveils four new creativity categories for recognition.

Submission criteria

To ensure a successful submission to the SGCA, applicants are advised to submit an executive summary not exceeding 250 words, as well as a comprehensive and organised 1,000-word file that uses headings, paragraphs, and illustrations to support the submission in addition to a summary or table of contents as an overview of the file. It is also recommended that the award file include introductory media such as infographics, videos, and photos, all of which must meet the specific criteria of the award category.

Participants can submit their works that meet the award criteria on the website, which offers comprehensive details about the various categories, criteria, and participation requirements.

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