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UAE Floating Hospital conducts intricate surgeries for injured Palestinian patients in ‘Operation Chivalrous Knight 3’

Mon 20 May 2024    
The Brew News Team | 2 min read

Al Arish: Situated in Al Arish, Egypt, the UAE Floating Hospital has undertaken a series of intricate and specialized surgical procedures aimed at aiding Palestinian patients and those injured, as an integral facet of the medical aid extended by the United Arab Emirates to Palestinian communities residing in the Gaza Strip.

This medical assistance aligns with the directives of ‘Operation Chivalrous Knight 3’, a humanitarian endeavor orchestrated by President His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, with the primary objective of mitigating the prevailing humanitarian crisis afflicting the Palestinian populace in Gaza.

Dr. Ahmed Mubarak, the Hospital’s Director, disclosed that the hospital’s team of medical specialists has conducted five intricate surgeries over the past forty-eight hours, marking a pioneering feat in state-operated field hospitals for individuals afflicted with intricate compound fractures. Elaborating further, he expounded on the utilization of specialized titanium spinal nails in rectifying these intricate fractures, underscoring the requisite expertise possessed by the attending medical personnel.

Moreover, Dr. Mubarak emphasized the indispensability of state-of-the-art medical technologies and equipment in performing such intricate procedures. In response to the burgeoning demand, the hospital has intensified its efforts in recent weeks to deliver holistic medical and surgical care to the casualties from Gaza, particularly those necessitating treatment with advanced medical resources.

Dr. Mubarak elucidated that the hospital has treated a cumulative total of 180 cases since its inception, with 430 surgeries performed across various disciplines, averaging at five surgeries daily. He underscored the interdisciplinary nature of medical care, indicating that treatment is administered by medical teams specializing in diverse fields.

Of particular note is the initiation of medical services by the UAE Floating Hospital for Palestinian nationals on February 24, with supervision from an Emirati medical team spanning all specialties. The hospital’s capacity has been augmented from 100 to 120 beds, alongside an additional provision of 100 beds for patient attendants. Comprehensive facilities encompass operating theaters catering to all surgical interventions, alongside intensive care units, anesthesia suites, extensive outpatient clinics, and supporting medical amenities, X-rays, a pharmacy, and a laboratory.

These advanced provisions augment the hospital’s capacity to dispense comprehensive medical assistance to its beneficiaries, in adherence to the highest international standards requisite for field hospitals.

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