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UAE among top 20 countries in 5 indices related to tourism and travel in 2020

Tue 01 Jun 2021    
| 2 min read

ABU DHABI, 1st June 2021: The UAE was ranked among the top 20 countries in the world during the year 2020 in five indices related to the competitiveness of the tourism sector in the country according to the Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Centre (FCSC).

The country’s achievements in the tourism sector included the indexes in the Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report issued by the World Economic Forum in addition to the World Competitiveness Yearbook.

According to the Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report, the UAE ranked first in the world in the index of the presence of the largest car rental companies, while it came sixth in the sustainability and development index and seventh in the quality of tourism infrastructure index.

The UAE has a distinguished infrastructure and huge facilities that are the largest in the Middle East and the Arabian Gulf region, and it is the result of a comprehensive integrated work strategy implemented by the government over the past years.

The country also ranked eighth in the world in marketing effectiveness to attract tourists, according to the report. However, the World Competitiveness Yearbook ranked the country 17th in the tourism revenue index.

Despite the slowdown that affected all economic sectors across the world during the past year, the UAE’s economic sectors, including tourism and travel, have quickly managed to return to achieving good growth rates, which reflects the strength of the national economy in general.

According to statistics issued by FCSC, the tourism and hotel sectors in the UAE witnessed a growth of 158.3 percent during the third quarter of 2020 compared to the second quarter of the same year.

The number of hotel guests in the country increased to about 3.385 million from July to August of 2020, compared with 1.31 million from March to the end of June of the same year.

The growth in the number of guests coincided with an increase in the number of hotel establishments “hotels and hotel apartments” that returned to work as their number increased to 1,032 by the end of Q3 2021, compared to 929 facilities by the end of Q2 2020.

The number of hotel rooms increased from 135,031 rooms to 164,935 rooms during the same comparison periods.

The UAE has worked over the past years to launch many initiatives, both at the federal and local level, to develop the tourism and travel sector, which, with the support of these initiatives, has become one of the most important tributaries of economic diversification in the country.

Source: WAM

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