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UAE 49: ‘Looking to the future with confidence and hope’ says Dubai ruler

Wed 02 Dec 2020    
| 4 min read

Spirits soar high as the emirates marks its 49th National Day amid a year of challenges, making it one to remember as the nation sets its visionary goals to bring in the big 50 with mighty aplomb.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister of the UAE, and the Ruler of Dubai said that the 2nd December will remain the nation’s most cherished day wherein wisdom, principles and noble goals triumphed.

“It is the day when our Founding Fathers embodied the quintessential Emirati values of dignity and steadfastness and represented the sense of belonging and national identity.”

His Highness also lauded the perseverance of the nationals and citizens of the emirates as they overcame the wave that struck the world at large, standing united in the face of the unknown threat.

“During this year, anxiety, fear and surprise united nearly 7.7 billion people around the world in an unprecedented common destiny. An unknown virus killed some 1.4 million people and infected over 60 million, and this number is accelerating.”

The global economy as a whole has buckled under the weight of its losses, as restricted travel becomes norm and the aviation industry falls into wayside. Service sectors have screeched to a halt amid curfews and lockdowns, drawing shutters as paralysed customer inflows runs the finances through the roof.

“This year has been a test for countries, the capabilities of governments, the efficiency of their institutions and procedures, and the level of their readiness to face pandemics and disasters, and their repercussions.”

The Dubai ruler also commended the efforts of the medical frontiers who carried the nation on their backs, pouring their all into containing the virus and caring for the affected, even at the risk of their own wellbeing.

“Our community responded aptly to the preventive measures and our institutions fought hard against the virus, supported by our advanced health infrastructure, with its facilities, equipment and medical cadres who contained the pandemic and limited its spread, enabling our country to be the first in the world where COVID-19 tests have exceeded the population count.”

“We are proud,” he declared.

The UAE healthcare system is currently ranked first in the world on seven health indexes, including its healthcare coverage, lack of health problems and national early detection programmes.

Over the course of the years, the emirates have achieved several feats of sustainable innovations, going above and beyond to meet the highest of expectations and tackle world issues as one of the leading humanitarian hubs of the region.

The emirates has also charted peace and stability in the region, striving to imbue a continued sense of ‘brotherhood’ in the Arab world.

“The progress our country has made makes us happy and fills us with feelings of pride and contentment, but it is not enough for us because we want similar progress for our Arab brothers. Every success achieved in any Arab country represents an added force for the benefit of the entire Arab world.”

From empowering the Arab youth in terms of knowledge — the sciences, arts, technology and more — to funnelling resources to the nations that required them most, UAE has conscientiously worked to build bridges and bolster the regions unity.

And when necessary the leaders of the nation have taken a firm stance against external forces to combat extremism in the region, thwarting schemes to change Yemen’s identity and threading channels of dialogue between cultures.

“When we concluded the Abraham Accords, we provided our region with a valuable opportunity to break through the stalemate, move stagnant waters, and chart paths that lead to peace, security, coexistence and devotion to development.”

The accord halted annexation of Palestinian lands, reminding the world of a “just cause”, and opened a horizon for the people towards their legitimate rights to be realised in an independent state with East Jerusalem as its capital.

As the days countdown to the dawn of a new year, His Highness reaffirms UAE’s drive towards the next 50 years of its legacy and continued prosperity — “to be the most distinguished and offer the best in terms of quality of life.”

“We will continue to prepare all sectors for the post-oil era, by building a true knowledge-based, innovation-driven economy, investing in qualitative minds and competencies, promoting the system of the civilised values of tolerance, openness, coexistence and acceptance, preserving our national heritage, authentic customs and traditions, and global competition for leadership, and building strong foundations to sustain this development for future generations.”

[Sourced from Agencies]